Göttsching, Manuel - Die Mulde

Year of Release: 2005
Label: MG Art
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 72:21:00

Somewhere in the heart of Germany there lies a river known as die Mulde, where nearly ten years ago electronica luminary Manuel Göttsching collaborated with music to an installation by a certain Mercedes Engelhardt. Somewhere in the world, around 25 years ago, the same Göttsching created a random electronic musical pattern that he would adorn with his guitar stylings 23 years later. The time that passed between the three events could have hardly proven to be an impediment in their convergence on a Göttsching album, and, surely enough, Die Mulde ties the one-dimensional time existence of "Die Mulde" to the two-dimensional time span of "hp little cry." No surprises there, but one thing remains unclear to the listener that has already absorbed the contents of this release: why wasn't the Göttsching touch successful this time around?

A wonder, really, as Göttsching has one of the most reliable track records that this reviewer has had the pleasure to experience. Yet a hint might be found in the previously reviewed Concert For Murnau, which was somewhat disappointing as well, and in no small part because it was conceived as a soundtrack rather than as a stand-alone piece. Given that the four-part "Die Mulde" was part of a multimedia presentation as well, one has to wonder if the music was inevitably tied to the aesthetic of Engelhardt's installation, and thus fails to truly stand out when left by itself. Certainly not a question that can be proven beyond doubt, but an interesting one nevertheless. And perhaps a valid explanation for the piece's somewhat generic electronica soundtrack nature on both "Die Mulde" and "Die Spiegel," which, although pleasant, are merely just that. It takes over 28 minutes for the piece to develop into the wonderful Göttsching trademark sound of "Zerfluss," which finally claims direction, intention, and the ethereally beautiful, yet intensely active, sound of so many other Göttsching pieces.

Yet the ground achieved is immediately lost with the overly long and static "hp little cry." Based on a nondistinct musical pattern that was created decades ago, the instrumental is, once again, agreeable, but not much more. Göttsching's warm guitar touches end up sounding overindulgent, and the piece lacks the magnificent gradual development that one has come to expect from this German musician. For lack of a better expression, "hp little cry" simply sits there and goes nowhere. The entire Die Mulde, in fact, could be described in a rather similar nature if a generic description were to be chosen. A stain on what is normally a stellar record for an artist of such longevity? Unfortunately so.

Die Mulde: Schöpferische Stille (2:55) - Die Mulde (13:42) - Die Spiegel (11:55) - Zerfluss (11:33) / HP Little Cry (32:16)

Manuel Göttsching - electronics, guitar

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Genre: Electronic

Origin DE

Added: October 31st 2006
Reviewer: Marcelo Silveyra
Artist website: www.ashra.com
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Language: english


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