Frameshift - Unweaving The Rainbow

Year of Release: 2003
Label: ProgRock Records
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:00:00

James LaBrie (Dream Theater) and Henning Pauly (Chain) team up to form the band Frameshift. Their ambitious project Unweaving The Rainbow is ready for admirers of progressive rock listeners worldwide to feast their ears upon. Richard Dawkins' series of evolution-themed books are what the recordings are based on. While the subject matter is out of the ordinary for the genre, the music is unmistakably prog-rock in some of its finest moments.

For LaBrie it is a big departure from his role in Dream Theater and Mullmuzzler ( LaBrie commands a vocal range that allows for a strong performance in any setting he puts himself in. While this is indeed progressive rock, the textures and tones of the music are much different from what he is accustomed, yet he takes it to task like the pro that he is and successfully adds another pearl to his ever-growing resume. Henning Pauly is a multi-talented individual that not only plays a myriad of instruments, he engineers and mixes the project superbly. The two form a dynamic duo in the studio.

Tracks like "Arms Races" bare an incredible resemblance to something that Yes would perform, with all of that wonderful rhythm and focus. LaBries' vocals are used to their fullest on every track; some of the compositions feature his voice in layers, as if he was answering himself with a chorus. Its very provocative and quite beautiful, and really a marvelous feat of mixing and engineering. So there you have it, a story, great music, and technical wizardry all wrapped up in one album?an effective combination of all the right elements, making this one of the prog-rock albums of the year.

[You can read an interview with Henning Pauly where he talks a bit about this project, which he launched especially for LaBrie ? ed.]

Above The Grass ? Part 1 (0:43) / The Gene Machine (5:32) / Spiders (4:13) / River Out Of Eden (5:40) / Message From The Mountain (9:56) / Your Eyes (2:56) / La Mer (5:54) / Nice Guys Finish First (5:43) / Arms Races (8:33) / Origins And Miracles (5:06) / Off The Ground (5:49) / Walking Through Genetic Space (4:07) / Cultural Spaces (4:23) / Bats (3:58) / Above The Grass - Part 2 (6:51)

James LaBrie - vocals
Henning Pauly - electric and acoustic guitars, bass, synthesizer, piano, B3, Warr guitar, banjo, hand percussion, loop programming, orchestration, engineer and mixer
Eddie Marvin - drums
Nik Guadagnoli - additional bass, guitar and Chapman Stick

Unweaving The Rainbow (2003)
An Absence Of Empathy (2005)

Genre: Progressive Metal

Origin VA

Added: January 11th 2004
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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