Finalxit - True Nature

Year of Release: 1998
Label: Independent
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 31:16:00

True Nature is the debut EP of progressive metallers Finalxit from Houston, USA. This five-piece has opened for such acts as Metallica, Mercyful Fate, Fates Warning, Helstar and Destiny's End and has an ever-growing fan base. The EP is independently released and features 5 tracks of high quality progressive metal, produced by the band themselves.

Opening track "Mask Of Mine" kicks off with a nice heavy guitar riff, followed by good vocals from Bryan Westbrook. The song comes off somewhat aggressive, yet melodic, being both dark and heavy with beautiful moody parts. The variation is good, although they are not as technical as your ordinary prog metal band. This is more metal with progressive elements. A good melody line and a good power chorus. Track two, "Sooner Or Later," starts off with some cool technical drumming, followed by guitar and bass. This song shows a good performance by the band and comes off as more technical than the opening track. Good variation and a great chorus. Track three, "Rude Awakening" is another track following the footsteps of the opener. Heavy attacking guitars, good vocals and a good power chorus. This song is more straightforward, but has both power and drive. The song has a great mid-section, where the band show a more mellow and melodic side, which is good. This adds the extra variation that is needed in a long track like this (over 7 minutes). Track four, "In Vain" starts off slow and mellow with a great melody line and clean guitars which creates a moody atmosphere to the song. The song develops a heavier approach when the distorted guitars kick in about 3 minutes into the song. Good time changes and some really heavy riffs are offered before the song slows down once more at the end. Closing track, "In The End," is once again balancing between clean and distorted guitars. The clean guitars are really good creating the melody to the song. The chorus and pre-chorus is OK, but could profit by bringing more melody to it.

Although the sound is OK, the CD bear evidence of being an independent release, lacking some power and depth. The guitar is a bit too metallic sounding, and the bass is a little bit too high in some parts of a couple of songs, but it won't bother you as this occur on just a few occasions. I had no problems listening to this! On the other hand, considering that this is both self-financed and self-produced, it's a great effort which the band deserve credit for. All songs are good, no killer songs, but all songs are of high quality and should without doubt enjoy fans of power metal with progressive elements.

This is a very promising act and I look forward in excitement and expectation for a full release, with proper production. I have a feeling this band has more up their sleeve, and they have an advantage having a good singer, which is a rare treasure these days.

[This review originally appeared May 2003 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]
Mask Of Mine / Sooner Or Later / Rude Awaking / In Vain / In The End

Bryan Westbrook - vocals
Carlos Olivares - guitar
Carlos Ulloa - guitar
Melody Olivares - bass
Martin Gamino - drums

True Nature (1998)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin US

Added: December 18th 2004
Reviewer: Bjørnar Bevolden
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Language: english


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