Galaxy - Visions

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Garden Of Delights
Catalog Number: CD 063
Format: CD
Total Time: 50:14:00

Galaxy were another one of those German 70s bands that managed to record just a single album before breaking up. In the case of Galaxy, the album came as result of the band knowing that they would have to break up as each were due for "community service (as an alternative to military service) and university studies." So, to document their time together, the band gathered together at their rehearsal room and recorded 8 tracks as momento. And it's a pretty good momento, as it happens.

Galaxy's sound mixes heavy, highly distorted electric guitars, often jangly acoustic guitars, and throbbing bass into a spacey rock sound that recalls not only 60s British rock bands like The Kinks, but, and more so, the psychedelic bands of the period - at times Pink Floyd come to mind. Though recorded in 1978, the music sounds a few years older than that stylistically. Though there is percussion, it really only comes to the fore in darker, heavier piece "Supermarket." And although often Gottfried Antpöhler's keyboards provide an atmospheric bed, in a track like "Warrior Of The Endless Time" they are more up front in the mix.

The liner notes mention that some have called Galaxy "the better Eloy," but it wasn't until "Warrior?" that Eloy came to mind at all, though here vocalist Steinhardt reminds me here of Davey Dodds (ex-Red Jasper). There are a couple more references that come to mind: A times during "Supermarket" I thought of an artier, slinkier Iron Maiden sans Bruce Dickinson (though that doesn't really capture it); in parts of the initially subtle "Consequence," I thought of a rawer sounding The Alarm. That is, before it gets a little more funkier ? closer to late 60s psychedelic rock.

Yes come to mind with the plucked acoustic guitar intro to "Excerpts "Time" Part Two" (cf "Roundabout") which then becomes something reminiscent of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" before heading in a different direction, though remaining an acoustic guitar duet. Jangly acoustic guitars dominate "Morning Of The Magicians Part One," an atmospheric piece that puts these guitars over a bed of keys. "Atomic Flight" is another that has that 60's feel, where thoughts of The Who's "Happy Jack" crept in every once in a while owing to some of the guitar playing and phrasing. But this also becomes, towards the end, a heady psychedelic piece complete with "sci-fi" keyboard parts.

The highlight for me was the guitar playing by both Steinhardt and Frank Dahme, who mesh together well. Their mix of electric and acoustic textures between and within tracks is good.

Galaxy were a band with a lot of potential. Sure, we might wish for clearer production -- no slight on the GoD folks, of course, because they've done a great job of restoring this from an LP (using the Cedar NoNoise system) -- but given the conditions under which Visions was recorded, it turned out?okay. Given that only 500 copies were pressed, mainly handed out at their last concert and to friends, to fault the band for not producing a top flight album is probably unjust. Though it isn't great, it is far from awful. Essential? No.

Ladies In The Wind (6:39) / Morning Of The Magicians Part One (6:50) / Supermarket (4:31) / Consequence (6:55) / Visions (6:23) / Excerpts 'Time' Part Two (5:20) / Warrior Of The Endless Time (6:25) / Atomic Flight (7:50)

Thomas Asche - bass
Bernd Steinhardt - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, percussion
Heiko Beck - drums, percussion
Franke Dahme - vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
Gottfried Antpöhler - keyboards

Visions (1978/2002)

Genre: Psychedelic-Space Rock

Origin DE

Added: June 1st 2003
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
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Language: english


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