Yes (June 2000)

Date of Performance: (circa) June 21, 2000
Venue: (possibly) Concord Pavillion, Concord, CA, US

Yes - Masterworks Tour 2000

Close To The Edge

It was very shaky as Alan seemed to have trouble keeping time - he would continue to have this problem on a few more songs, too. I felt bad for him - I have been there [when] they were not 100% - Squire is GOD!!! He kept cueing Alan and anyone else who screwed up - <lol>. Making sure they were with him. He really deserves the "Keeper Of The Flame" title he has been given.

This guy can play incredible bass - sing backup - shout at roadies, and show Alan where 1 is - amazing man. I have never seen Chris so in control.

Starship Trooper

Flawless performance.

Gates Of Delirium

Place just about fell apart from the roar of the crowd - they had timing problems on this one in the beginning-middle-end especially Jon was playing "Soon" about 2 seconds too fast and Chris came over to him and whispered in his ear and Jon slowed down to find Chris - Jon was great as usual - he nailed the high notes with no problem.

Leaves Of Green/The Ancient

[Was] just Jon/Steve - sweet performance a real treat.

Heart Of The Sunrise

Jon's request. Had some problems in the slow beginning when Chris came out of his trance solo - Steve Howe was a whole 4 bars behind - and Chris saw this - just took off on his run - Steve gave him an oic [oh I see] look and caught right up - after that it was perfect.

Igor was killer - best I ever heard him. Nailed Wakeman's solo on "CTTE" and reproduced Moraz' sound on "GoD" quite well.

Billy was never mentioned and not really missed. [Billy Sherwood has officially left Yes; see news -ed.]


Shaky start again a la Alan - but Chris guided the song into sync - and the percussion orgy minus Steve was breathtaking.

[The band then] left [the] stage and came back for 2 encores: "I've Seen All Good People" [and] "Roundabout" (long version) and Steve got lost in the drifting clouds section. Chris to the rescue again - he marches in time over to Steve with a huge smile on his face and yells to Steve 1,2,3,4 and Steve is in the groove - then song over.

Show over.

Overall - a magnificent performance despite the minor flaws.

Kansas was immaculate... no screw-ups at all.

Crowd was very courteous to Kansas and very forgiving to Yes out of sheer loyalty.

So there you have it.

[Rand is one of our readers who filed this overview with us via email. {No venue was mentioned, but some recent (2011) correlation (ain't the web great?) I'm guessing June 21 @ Concord Pavillion in Concord, CA} -ed]

Added: July 1st 2000
Reviewer: Rand Kelly

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