Electric Sorcery (May 2009)

Date of Performance: May 5, 2009
Venue: The Trash Bar, Brooklyn, NY, US

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A rainy Cinco de Mayo evening in Brooklyn can be full of surprises. On this particular rainy night it was my pleasure to find a heavy psychedelic fusion sound pumping forth from the back room of The Trash Bar, a hip grungy little rock joint in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood. The sound was being created by a far out power trio called Electric Sorcery. The group traveled from Northern Vermont to create an electromagnetic sonic field around this little bar that captured all in its range and pulled them in to hear the wild sound. The music was a mix of modern fusion rock, 70's progressive rock and 60's hard rock. The trio put forth a huge full sound with only guitar/vocals, bass and drums. Micah Carbonneau on drums was a ticking time bomb, laying down tight grooves and then exploding into bombastic fills and accents. Nathanael Reynold laid down huge but very tasteful and solid bass lines while Derek Campbell on guitar, vocals and other objects put forth gritty rhythm lines and screaming solos beneath his soulful, wailing vocals. The audience was captivated by the performance and showed their appreciation with loud calls and cheers.

Electric Sorcery's sound ran the spectrum from heavy riff based rockers to sweet melodic jazz flavored numbers with lots of other colors and styles mixed in. All in all their live show was high energy and musically on par with more well known acts playing larger venues. After the show I picked up their self titled CD. It's still in my car CD player. The album does a great job of representing the groups sound. The quality is top notch the songwriting is original and intelligent and the musicianship is inspiring. I haven't been this excited about a group in a long time. If you get a chance to check these guys out....Do IT!

Added: May 13th 2009
Reviewer: Levander Jones
Artist website: myspace.com/electricsorcery
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