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CD/DVD Releases: Preview Of Caamora's ''She'' DVD Available For Viewing

Posted on Friday, March 14 @ 05:16:01 UTC by nightowl

As previously announced the unique musical project She by Caamora has its official premiere on the 10th March in Europe and 13th May in USA (vi MVD). This extensive material will be available in the following formats: 2 CD, DVD, ltd. DVD+2CD, ltd. 2 CD DG (incl. bonus track), ltd. 3 LP (incl. bonus track) and a BOX: 2 CD studio, 2 CD live, 2 DVD (incl. bonus DVD with 6 acoustic tracks and extra interview footage!)

The musical landscape of She is wide and varied: from the close, intimate sounds of voice and piano, through to the exhilaration and power of orchestra and choir, the music is intense and colorful. Clive Nolan: "For me the blending of orchestra and rock band was one of the biggest challenges. I did not want these to be two separate entities stuck together (as is often the case with 'band and orchestra' albums), but one enormous blended sound."

Stylistically, She has elements of heavy rock, and moments of pure opera - sometimes simple, sometimes complex, this is a rock opera that will stand the test of time. Agnieszka Swita: "Whatever your musical taste, Shehas something there for you, and every time you listen you will find a new perspective."

And today you can see a sneak preview of the She DVD. Two marvelous tracks, "Judgement" and "Confrontation," can be seen on MMP?s official sites on YouTube and Myspace:

www.youtube.com/profile?user=MetalMindPoland & www.myspace.com/metalmindproductions

The 2 CD version of She is receiving its first great reviews. The reaction from journalists is extremely positive!!!

Bob McBeath for progarchives: "In all though, this is a hugely ambitious and very enjoyable album. It serves to confirm that Clive Nolan remains highly motivated while continuing to enjoy a level of insparation others can only dream of." Full story on: www.progarchives.com/Review.asp?id=163204

Simon Barrett for blogger news network: "Clive took She, a very darkly oriented story, and has turned it into a musical event. This is not an easy thing. Clive brought in Agnieszka Swita who loved the idea, and offers many of the vocals. Toiling away for almost two years, and living in two countries, Clive in England, and Agnieszka in Poland, She is the result. And a fine result it is." Full story on: www.bloggernews.net/114178

Additionally, two new interviews were recently published on the internet: www.musicaldiscoveries.com/reviews/agnieszka.htm (interview with Agnieszka)
www.artrock.se/intervju/intervju_19.htm (a very interesting interview with Clive and Agnieszka)

[Source: Metal Mind]

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