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Festival News: Symforce II Announces More Bands

Posted on Sunday, March 23 @ 00:16:44 UTC by nightowl

Dear friends. Although we promissed you two more names, we actually decided to add three more names to the festival, making a total of eleven bands. These are the names we already had:

Opeth (Sweden) who will play an entire 2-hour show as opposed to their performances at forthcoming open air festivals making it a Symforce exclusive; Pain of Salvation(Sweden) again a full 2-hour show making it yet another Symforce exclusive; Textures (Holland) these guys have promised us a special progressive set exclusive for Symforce; Alquin (Holland) still one of the better bands from the seventies and still going strong delievering ace new material next to their many classics; Magic Pie (Norway) their very first visit to Holland and the introduction of their new singer. This band has been voted most promissing band in 2007 whilst both their albums were chosen as "album of the year." Magic Pie's visit to Symforce is their only appearance in Holland this year;

The Watch (Italy) going from strength to strength these guys deliver material that could be seen as unreleased vintage Genesis material. Singer Simone Rosetti sounds like a young Peter Gabriel whilst they bring along real Moog and Mellotron. It will be the only visit to Holland this year for the band; Hypnos 69 (Belgium) starting out in the stoner rock department, Hypnos 69 has delivered one ace album after the other. Their most recent CD The Eclectic Measure can be seen as one of the alltime best prog albums by a Belgian band ever!; Kriminal Hammond Inferno (Belgium) last year half of Beardfish became Bootcut when only drums and Hammond remained on stage. This year we do exactly the same by stripping all the instruments from the stage at the Batcave and putting the spotlights on drums and the mighty Hammond. Expect the unexpected with music full of Italian atmospheres, Morricone meets Goldfinger meets ... well you wait and see.

and then the new names :

Solstice (England) this band has been going strong for a couple of decades now and has a very strong live reputation. Their entire output has recently been re-issued by F2 records whilst the band is eager to demonstrate their great skills. Featuring wonderful violin and crystalclear vocals amongst others, for sure Solstice will be welcomed with open arms.

Quantum Fantay (Belgium) last year these guys smoked at the Herzburg Festival in Germany. They even released a 2CD set from that performance which together with their two splendid studio albums have really set the wheels in motion. Quantum Fantay continue where Ozric Tentacles left off years ago.

???????? - the final act can't be mentioned as yet due to contractual obligations. It will remain our "mystery act" for the time being. All we can say is that this band has reserved its world premiere for Symforce II as they have never ever performed before under their new moniker! It will be the icing on the cake!

For sure we have a very diverse line-up in store for you. As always we want you to explore all territories of our beloved "progressive rock." Eleven acts, three stages, one day: 23rd August at the 013 in Tilburg, Holland. Snap up those tickets before it's too late!

[Source: John "Bobo" Bollenberg, Symforce]

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