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Festival News: RoSfest Announces Magic Pie's Return For 2007

Posted on Wednesday, October 11 @ 16:54:48 UTC by nightowl

RoSfest is excited to announce the return of Norwegian proggers Magic Pie back to the RoSfest stage. Last year, to the delight of many, Magic Pie surprised everyone with their high standard of strong melodies, uplifting harmonies and strong stage presence which earned them three standing ovations at RoSfest. The band returns to RoSfest with a new CD set to be released by the end of the year.

The album Motions of Desire was voted album of the year on Sea Of Tranquility and the band was voted Norwegian prog artist of the year by Norwegian prog magazine Tarkus. Band members Allan Olsen, Kim Stenberg, Eirik Hanssen, Gilbert Marshall, Jan T. Johannessen, & Lars Petter Holstad will bring their rocking brand of prog and will feature new tracks from their upcoming album as well as music from Motions of Desire.

The band will make their triumphant return back to the RoSfest stage as our third band in front of Spock's Beard, making this an unforgettable evening for RoSfesters. Don't forget to purchase your gold seat tickets on October 28th and be sure to get ready for one heck of a party in April of 2007!

[Source: RoSFest]

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