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Artist News: TSM/SLW Promotions Are Delighted To Announce Phil Vincent, Angel House And Heave

Posted on Wednesday, June 18 @ 06:13:17 UTC by nightowl

Out of Rhode Island comes the amazing Phil Vincent. Here in your hands is Phil V's brand new CD White Noise. The record contains 13 songs of melodic hard rock written & performed by Phil V with a little lead guitar work by Steven Albanese, Billy Roux, David Zychek and Paul Colombo.

White Noise is Phil V's 10th solo CD and his most ambitious yet - is there no limit to this rockers talent? Phil hase spent endless hours writing and recording this collection of songs giving special attention to every detail of each composition. There were no less than 12 tracks of guitars, 15 vocal tracks and special rooms built for the drums just to get the sound that he was looking for. When you listen to White Noise you may also notice that this is the first Phil Vincent CD with no ballads. It?s a hard rock album all the way through.

Press: 'I don?t know how many of you out there own one or more albums from American singer/songwriter Phil Vincent, but if you don?t, it?s about time to check him out. The man from Rhode Island is a true workaholic, who has released a string of ten solo albums so far, the majority of them independently. The latest one in the row is called White Noise and although the package looks quite cheap, the contents is much better. Says Phil: "It's my 10th solo CD and my most ambitious yet. I?ve spent endless hours writing and recording this collection of songs, giving special attention to every detail of each composition. There were no less than 12 tracks of guitars, 15 vocal tracks and special rooms built for the drums just to get the sound I was looking for."

'With such a wealth of material to choose from, I can only add that the quality of the songs - recorded in Phil?s own Muzik Room between February and April 2008 - is quite high indeed. And what?s more, on White Noise Phil once again proves that he's able to turn his hand to anything: songwriting, arranging, mixing, producing, singing and playing most instruments. Agreed, he's not the best singer in the world, but he's doing his utter best to perform his self-penned material in the best possible way. Don't expect ballads this time around, as all of the songs are mid- to up-tempo melodic hard rock pieces. Conclusion: another enjoyable album from this sympathetic American artist.' Chris Lambert Rock Report.

Angel House was formed in 2004 from the ashes of Birmingham band Franklin. Pete, Simon and Phil are all from the industrial midlands of England and continue the tradition which has spawned some of the world's greatest rock bands from this area.

They play loud hard rock and always deliver an awesome live set. Combining their own original material with a couple of carefully selected covers. They work the circuit headlining and supporting bands such as legendary American rockers Mountain and Blue Oyster Culr and Toby Jepson (ex Little Angels).

They are prolific songwriters and in 2004 produced a two track single which included the fans favorite "Superstitious Woman." With airplay from BBC Radio, Radio 2XS and Radio Gets Wild, the band have created alot of interest. Radio Gets Wild presented Angel House with their 'Artist Gold Award 2006' and at a year end ceremony they shared the honour of 'Best Band 2006' with Las Vegas band Dark Life. RGW quoted 'Angel House are one of the best bands in the UK...if not the world.'

In the summer of 2006, the band entered Mahat Studios to create their debut album World On Fire, produced by Mark Stuart (Magnum).

The album was released worldwide on 26th March 2007 on the Copro/Casket label. The album has received excellent reviews, promoting some pundits to predict emergence of another New Wave of Britsh Heavy Metal, with Angel House leading the charge!! Airplay has extended throughout Europe and the USA, with the band gaining many new fans.

Described as a 'band that just does the job, a no nonsense power trio', Angel House have consistantly proved themselves in the live arena, living up to their reputation as the band to see!

Angel House ar currently writing a new album, to be released in 2008 and judging by the quality of the bands new songs, some of which have already been aired live to fantastic reaction, the next album will be a stormer!

Press: 'Powerful, strong, emotive vocals, finger ripping solos, excellent riffs. A definite must for fans of good old British Rock' - Fireworks Magazine Issue 31.

'High quality debut .... an album of crunching riffs, enthusiastic performances and, most of all good songs. A promising debut from a band that has the potential to do even better in the future' - Metal Invader

'This is a prime slice of British Metal ... Songs like the superb "Revolution," "Weapons Of Self Expression," "Mask" and the blues workout "Superstitious Woman" are enough to whip any self respecting metalhead into a frenzy of air guitar' - Terrorizer Magazine

Heave was formed in 1994 by drummer Patrik Nikolic, and soon became a familiar act among the Stockholm night clubbers and concertgoers. In those early days, the band discovered the straight and simple philosophy, which has kept Heave's music popular among Stockholm audiences.

During these years Heave released the albums Beguile, Self Destruction, Lies, Time 2002 and Fears Come Alive. Heave toured with former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'anno in 2003.

In the beginning of 2005 the band was remedied by the addition of new singer Anna Olsson, whose smooth sound and high register has found a place in the band.

The latest album Final Day was produced by Mike Weed from King Diamond/Mercyful Fate and was released in 2007.

The track "The End" was played and got excellent reviews at the Swedish Radio how "Rockklassiker 106.7." In the jury, Ian Haugland from Europe, expressed that he was impressed with Heave.

Heave's current line up is:

Vocals: Anna Olsson
Guitar: Marcus Sundquist
Bass: Pasi J. Lappi
Drums: Patrik Nikolic

Press: 'If you enjoy the likes of Nightwish, Lacuna Coil and All Ends then check out Heave. Songs like "Fears Come Alive," "Stand My Ground," "On And On" and "Emptiness" will lull listeners deep into the albums powerhouse majesty' - Fireworks Magazine

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