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Artist News: Freakzoid/Scott McGill News Update

Posted on Sunday, August 03 @ 01:01:25 UTC by nightowl

Scott McGill, his wife Meredith, and their 9 month old son Declan will be leaving to re-locate to the United Kingdom on Wednesday night [July 30] where Scott will be taking up a position at The Brighton Institute Of Modern Music. They are very excited about their move and look forward to their new home and new friends across the Atlantic. They are also hoping that Declan will get around to sleeping throught the night as soon as possible - lol!

Meanwhile, there are a number of releases set to go and will be available in the upcoming year. The first is a yet unnamed full length disc featuring Scott, Ritchie Kotzen, and legendary bassist Percy Jones (Brand X, Tunnels) along with special guest Warr Guitarist Markus Reuter (Pat Mastelotto/solo artist) . Dark and exotic textures, lyrical ambient splashes, hauntingly beautiful soundscapes, and impressive playing dominate this disc with all parties making a united original group sound. The disc really showcases the individual members of the band in a new light. Not a collection of tunes, but a unified musical concept.

Next is a second FreakZoid disc tentatively titled In Black And White with bassist Kjell Benner (Quite Riot, Ritchie Kotzen) joining the band throughout. Lots of contrast here as well, running the gamut of the full throttle aggressive approach that you'd expect from 'Zoid with some very intorspective moments, trippy jams, and memorable riff oriented tunes. The disc has more of the material commonly seen on YouTube played on their earlier dates promoting their debut disc. A real killer!

And finally, Scott has finished his next solo disc titled Symptom Imperative. A very personal statement and follow-up to Awareness, this release features both solo and band compositions and a bit more acoustic guitar work in duet with himself as well as duets with Ritchie and drummer Mike Ianieri. Moments of over the top virtuosity, beautiful soundscapes, quirky textures, and poigniant lyricism make for a deep, state-of-the-art solo disc.

Still available on iTunes and Rhapsody is the 40 minute scorching mini disc Debut with Scott, Ritchie, Dave Kloss on Stick, and Percy Jones (search under "Percy Jones Scott McGill"), the monster debut FreakZoid, and Scott's book for guitarists The Guitar Arpreggio Compendium available for download at www.scottmcgill.com. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

[Source: Scott McGill]

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