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CD/DVD Releases: Festival Music Released Bittertown - Scenes From The Box

Posted on Sunday, August 24 @ 02:23:55 UTC by nightowl

Scenes From The Box is the superb debut CD by the band Bittertown from The Netherlands. This concept CD explores what happens when you open the box that contains all of your fears and worst nightmares. Three vocalists take on different roles within this compelling story. It's powerful, emotional, melodic, and very catchy!

Bittertown signed to Festival Music, part of F2 Music Ltd, in April 2008 and joins other artists on the label including Credo, Solstice, Twelfth Night, Manning, Citizen Cain, Tinyfish, Ezra, and chimpan A.

Scenes From The Box will be released by Fesival Music on August 25. Available to pre-order NOW from www.progrock.co.uk/acatalog/B.html#aP15242 for the very special limited time price of just GBP 7.99!

Hear sample tracks by the artists on Festival Music at www.f2music.co.uk

[Source: Festival Music]

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