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Festival News: The Sweden Rock Cruise 2008

Posted on Friday, August 29 @ 05:48:15 UTC by nightowl

Stockholm-Turku, October 9-10

After five sold out cruises with the M/S Silja Festival since 2004, Sweden Rock are now organizing the first metal cruise at the brand new, bigger and more luxurious M/S Silja Galaxy, which holds 12 floors and is more than 200 meters long!

Prepare for a 24 hour party with metal DJ?s, tax free shops, several bars and restaurants, swimming pool, sauna, casino, gaming room and much more!

Bands confirmed so far:

Candlemass: The term "epic doom metal" was coined by Candlemass with their 1986 debut album, and they have reigned supreme in the genre ever since. One week prior to Silja Galaxy setting sail from Stockholm, the new Candlemass EP Lucifer Rising will be released ? the bands second outing featuring super vocalist Robert Lowe (of Solitude Aeturnus fame). The first, King Of The Grey Islands, has received rave reviews worldwide ? but you can still expect a bunch of classics from albums like Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, Nightfall and Ancient Dreams to be in the setlist that the band will be bringing onboard!

Demon: This legendary British band is at the end of their farewell tour, and their performance at the Sweden Rock Cruise is likely to be their last in Scandinavia ever. Demon made their album debut in 1981 and were part of the so called new wave of British heavy metal. They made a huge impact with semi-occult albums like Night Of The Demon and The Unexpected Guest before going more melodic in the mid-80?s. In later years they have returned to their slightly heavier sound, not least with their phenomenal last album Better The Devil You Know, released in 2005.

Do not miss your last chance to hear immortal classics like "Night Of The Demon," "Don't Break The Circle," "The Unexpected Guest," "One Helluva Night" and "The Plague" live!

Evergrey: One of the worlds leading melodic metal bands, and one of Sweden's most important contributions to the metal community overall is undoubtedly Evergrey from Gothenburg. The quintet are releasing the brand new studio album Torn on September 22nd, just in time for their participation at the Sweden Rock Cruise. So expect to hear some new material among all the heavy riffs, majestic keyboards, unexptected time changes and headbanging when Evergrey storm the main stage!

Dismember: Hailing from the Swedish capital, Dismember have delivered uncompromising death metal on eight full length albums and are celebrating the 20th anniversary this year. Their first offering was the now classic Like An Everflowing Stream in 1991, which helped putting both Stockholm and the Sunlight Studio on the death metal map forever.

Dismember, released in February this year, displays a band that with new addition Thomas Daun (Repugnant, Insision), is hungrier than ever. Prepare for a violent showcase of both old and new death metal favourites!

Price: Tickets with part in cabin from 495 SEK

Check-in: At the Silja terminal in V?rtahamnen, Stockholm October 9th at 18.15. The ship departs at 19.15.

Age limit: 18 years

Booking: Tallink Silja, phone +46 8 666 3333

For more info: send an e-mail to martin (at) swedenrock.com

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