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CD/DVD Releases: Bruce Main on Modern Prog

Posted on Tuesday, August 22 @ 02:48:20 UTC by nightowl

Bruce Main writes, "It has just come to our attention ( somewhat belatedly) that 'Celebrity Circus' from the Layers CD has been included on the iTunes Essentials compilation Modern Prog along with such luminaries as Dream Theater, Salem Hill, Porcupine Tree, Frogg Cafe and Glass Hammer! Quite an honor to be featured with bands like these. Wait till they hear the new CD, Elements!

I took a side trip to Nome, Alaska last week to see how climate change is working out for the folks snug up against the Arctic Circle. Got some great snaps for the new CD cover. Brian Phraner (Phreeworld) has finished almost all of his bass parts and declares the CD 'the best so far' assuming correctly there will be more. If I can keep myself from wandering any more it should be done in late September and pressed for release in October. Halloween maybe?"

[Source: Bruce Main]

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