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CD/DVD Releases: Positive Reviews For Dan Pinto's New Fusion Album Gain Strength!

Posted on Saturday, February 07 @ 07:38:10 UTC by nightowl

Eclectic Sound A & R wishes to introduce you to Dan Pinto, Progressive Rock Fusion/Film Keyboardist/Composer. His music is capturing the attention of many Jazz-Rock Fusion fans & his new CD, Anomalies, is like a freight train that doesn't let you off until its at the end of it's line. This is one fusion album that does not disappoint! Featuring additional multi talented artists combining elements of Acid Jazz Rock, Progressive Fusion and Film Soundtrack music as well as beautifully arranged Piano and orchestra, this new release is packed with works that will make you want to listen to it over and over again!

Visit the Official Dan Pinto Website for full details on the New release as well as a discography, audio and video clips, interviews, reviews, tech info ands much, much more!

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