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CD/DVD Releases: Odessa Release ''The Final Day- Il Giorno Del Giudizio''

Posted on Tuesday, February 17 @ 03:13:14 PST by nightowl

Celebrating their tenth year, Odessa has finally released their long awaited sophomore disc. Since the band cemented their current line up in 2002, Odessa has managed to rack up over 130 live performances including a number of festival appearances. The kind of tightness and instrumental cohesiveness that is perfected on stage is quite apparent on the bands new album. Principle songwriter, keyboardist and lead vocalist Lorenzo Giovagnoli has penned 9 new tunes for the disc and Odessa also includes a long time live standard "Cometa Rossa" by Area. Finding another use for his degree in foreign languages, Lorenzo performs vocals in Greek, French and English, as well as in his native Italian.

Odessa - The Final Day - Il Giorno Del Giudizio is released through Lizard/Andromeda Relix (Lizard CD 0058/AND 021) and is distributed by BTF, Eventyr, Pick Up and GT Music.

It's been 10 years since their debut, Stazione Getsemani was released (Mellow Records) and the hard-progressive style of Odessa returns with renewed energy . Ten years of activity (especially live) has repeatedly brought them before enthusiastic audiences at Prog Festivals in Italy, France and even Mexico.

The Final Day - Il Giorno Del Giudizio follows in the great heritage of the first disc, with a renewed line-up and a further maturation and expressive strength. Continuing as well their tribute to the 70's (they had included two covers on Stazione Getsmani: "Alzo Un Muro Elettrico" by Rovescio della Medaglia and "Caronte" by The Trip) this time they celebrate their link to the Italian tradition with an original adaptation of "Cometa Rossa" (Area).

Hard-rock progressive characterized by the remarkable voice of the leader Lorenzo Giovagnoli, also responsible for the keyboards (prominent Hammond sound), teamed with such great musicians as Giulio Vampa (guitar), Valerio De Angelis (bass) and Marco Fabbri (drums, also on tour with The Watch).

[Source: Tom Karr and Odessa website]

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