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Artist News: TSM/SLW Productions Announce The Signing Of Noxious

Posted on Monday, March 02 @ 04:00:00 UTC by nightowl

One of the latest signings to Two Side Moon/SLW Productions is Noxious. From its inception in 2004, Noxious has worked hard to earn a reputation as one of the premier acts in the southeast US region. The band prides itself in producing high quality music and mixing it with searing, entertaining live shows that equal that of many national acts. Their latest release Timbre highlights a different side of the band. Noxious turned down the volume and turned up the soul. The album's progressive-acoustic sounds recall those on Alice In Chains' 1994 changeup Jar Of Flies. Six Timbre tunes are rearranged songs from previous albums. The band deconstructed old riffs so the disc wouldn't sound like they only traded Flying V's for Hummingbirds. "Broken" was revamped with copper-string-rainfall, lifting violin, R&B bass and jazz drum fills.

The four new songs are some of Noxious' best yet. "Long Hard Road" glows with crystal-toned acoustic guitar and back-porch harmonies. One disc-opener "What Lies Ahead," mandolin circles compliment singer Hans Wenzel's vocals, which are restrained and tasteful throughout Timbre. No shrieking here. Though they may have some miles yet to travel, Noxious still strive to break new ground. To them, their fans deserve more than fast food music. They continue to grow as musicians, looking towards the future of music while remaining true to their roots.

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