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Artist News: Miika Tenkula - March 6th, 1974 ? February 19th, 2009

Posted on Saturday, March 14 @ 04:51:13 UTC by nightowl

It is with extreme sadness and regret that we must relay the news that Miika Tenkula, of the band Sentenced, passed away on Thursday the 19th of February, just two weeks prior to his 35th birthday. Miika was a founding member of the band, back as a 15-year-old when they joined under the name Deformity, before settling on the name Sentenced ? remaining there until the final curtain dropped with the The Funeral Album (2005) and the Buried Alive DVD/Live Album (2006).

Tenkula was the linchpin of the band, acting as not only their lead guitarist but also their vocalist, both on their first few demos and their debut album Shadows Of The Past. Throughout a dramatic musical shift over the next couple records, which would also see them change singers once more, drafting in Villa Lahiala to replace Taneli Jarva, Miika remained the heart of the band being the chief songwriter and the one who often came up with those unshakeable melodies and dark hooks.

Miika's absence as a person greatly affects those who knew, lived with and loved him. His talent was immeasurable, and his contributions to the musical world considerable. While the Finnish scene has exploded in recent years with any number of fret-shredding guitarists that can pull off feats of technical wizardry, Miika retained an innate sense of restraint, of melody, and perhaps most importantly, of taste.

We miss you, Miika. May you rest in piece, your friends at Century Media Records.

[Source: Century Media]

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