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CD/DVD Releases: RPWL - Live DVD In Progress

Posted on Sunday, March 15 @ 06:20:19 UTC by nightowl

RPWL - does this German band need any special introduction? Not really but those of you who are unfamiliar with the band and their music should definitely read below info?

Their story began in 2000 with the debut album God Has Failed. Glorious reviews and praise in all relevant magazines, a successful tour through half of Europe, appearances at various festivals left no doubt - the band had become a must-to-hear of the progressive/symphonic rock genre. In March 2002, RPWL released the follow-up album entitled Trying To Kiss The Sun. With this album, the band emphatically shed off their reputation of being a Pink Floyd cover band and created a sound of their own. The band toured extensively through Germany and Europe, taking their shows to a new level with a quadraphonic sound system, which made their already huge live sound even more gigantic. With the album being published in the USA and South America, RPWL gained fans and recognition all over the world.

Wanting to deliver the surround sound of their concerts directly to the hi-fi, they decided to release a very special album: Stock, which -- in addition to the stereo CD -- included a 5.1 surround mix on a DVD. Although Stock is a compilation of the previously unreleased and older material, the press gave it an enthusiastic reception; and the subsequent tour was a huge success. During this tour, elaborate video projections were used for the first time, and have since become an integral part of the band?s shows.

In January 2005, World Through My Eyes was released. The album featured a special guest, Ray Wilson (ex-Genesis, Stiltskin), who contributed his remarkable voice to the track "Roses." In late 2005, the highly anticipated live album Start The Fire, was finally released. Along with Ray Wilson?s special appearance, RPWL?s characteristic interpretations of Pink Floyd songs were the highlights of this album. With the new live album under their belt, the band played numerous shows over the next few months, including appearances at festivals such as Open Flair, Eschwege (with Ray Wilson as their guest) and eventually the largest progressive rock festival, the Baja Progfest in Mexico.

Later on Kalle Wallner took the time off to release his solo album Mirror under the name of Blind Ego, with prog-giants such as John Jowitt, Paul Wrightson and John Mitchell by his side. The other RPWL members also focused on their solo projects. To make waiting for the new RPWL album a little shorter, the band released the album 9 in late 2007. It was a special edition CD limited to 999 copies! Along with five live tracks, the CD included additional four solo track written individually by each member of RWPL but performed in the studio by whole band.

Their most recent studio album, The RPWL Experience, was released in 2008. There are many beautiful things to be discovered there, in musical as well as in lyrical terms, and it is definitively another step forward for the band. After this release RPWL did more than 40 shows all over the world.

In February 2009 RPWL headlined the second day of the first edition of the ProgRock Festival in Katowice, Poland. Their fantastic show was recorded for the band?s first live DVD. The set-list included RPWL?s greatest hits such as "Hole In The Sky," "Breathe In, Breathe Out," "Three Lights," "Trying To Kiss The Sun" and "Roses." Metal Mind Productions plans to release the yet untitled DVD in early July. More info to follow as the work on the DVD progress.

[Source: Metal Mind]

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