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CD/DVD Releases: Name In Vain Release Self-Titled Debut

Posted on Sunday, March 29 @ 06:27:32 UTC by nightowl

Fist pounding metal with hard rock vibe. Name In Vain mixes powerful hard rock riffs with brutal vocal power. The band, consisting of four members, has a solid rhythm section with a thunderous sound. Drawing on such influences as Pantera, Metallica, Black Sabbath and Godsmack, Name In Vain are here to rival today's hard rock/metal industry.

Vocalist Matt Pelosi can only be described as a smooth melodic singer with a razor sharp style that is aggressive, to say the least. Lyrically, he says what he means with an in-your-face type of attitude.

John Heroux is the bass carrying this band through it's thunderous sound. Heavily influenced by Cliff Burton (Metallica), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) and Geddy Lee (Rush), John holds the band together with brutal yet unconfined force. Bobby Klang - "electric guitar and various wizardry." Bobby is a seasoned pro and has been working in the local music scene for the past 15 years. Larger than life, it seems Bobby has been thru it all.

Marco Leva drives this ragtag group of animals, keeping them on time and in their place. Heavily influenced by Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Igor Cavalera (Sepultura), Dave Lombardo (Slayer), and Craig Nenemacher (Crowbar). Marco's drumming has been described as "pounding metal."

Thickening the band's sound is newcomer Nick Beauregard. Nick's guitar influences range from Dimebag Daryl of Pantera to David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. Nick plays a major role in adding the flour to NIV's proverbial metal stew.

Tracklisting: "Persecuted," "Pitbull Wings," "Back Down," "Crept"

[Source: TSM Productions]

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