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CD/DVD Releases: Paul Kleff's ''Machined'' A Progressive Instrumental & Vocal Metal Release

Posted on Saturday, August 01 @ 05:30:00 UTC by nightowl

With over 20 years as a musician, instructor, composer and performer, Paul Kleff is a rock/metal guitarist based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Starting out on an acoustic guitar, he learned basic chords and songs and worked hard at mastering the basics of the guitar.

As he continued to grow as musician, Paul was drawn to the fire, expression and speed of artists like Edward Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, George Lynch and Yngwie Malmsteen. Now armed with an electric guitar, he set out to learn the styles of his heroes and began practicing and developing a lead guitar style based on both blues-influenced rock and the neoclassical shred styles of his newer influences.

Paul?s current CD release, titled Machined, is a four-song EP with two instrumental songs and two songs featuring guest vocalist Jerry Keyzer. Compositionally, the songs cover a wide palette of rock, metal and shred guitar styles.

Heavy, progressive instrumental metal blends with epic vocal songs with intense, melodic lead guitar to form a bold musical statement in Machined. Paul was also featured on the 2008 compilation CD, Guitars From The Shadows, along with 12 other musicians from all over the world. In 2008, Paul was part of an instructional clinic tour through the Midwest USA. The clinics were held at Guitar Center and local music stores in each city. Six other guitarists and international touring and recording artist Tom Hess were also featured on the clinic tour. Paul will be presenting more clinics in Grand Rapids and the USA throughout 2009.

Paul teaches private guitar lessons at his studio in Grand Rapids. He has been an instructor for over 20 years. Having helped hundreds of students reach their musical goals, he continues to develop specialized programs of study for each individual student based directly on their musical goals. As a featured instructor on several guitar websites, Paul is continuing to develop his web instructional presence and will be featured on additional guitar instructional websites in the future. He is also developing new instructional products set to be released in late 2009. A full-length CD is also planned for release in 2009.

As a guitarist, composer, teacher and performer, Paul has established himself as a top instructor and emerging recording artist. In the future, look for Paul to continue to gain exposure as a performer, artist and instructor.


1 Grind
2 Last Stand
3 DeadLine
4 As If...

[Source: Two Side Moon Promotions]

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