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CD/DVD Releases: Things Are Not All Quiet In Whisperwood

Posted on Sunday, August 02 @ 20:00:00 UTC by nightowl

The Whisperwood Experience: Whisperwood is a progressive acoustic fantasy narrative and an unforgettable experience. Whisperwood is more than a band playing songs; with over two hours of music and 20 years in the making it is an epic event. Those who fathom its depths do more than listen, they explore!

Immerse yourself in Whisperwood, and be taken away on a musical, spiritual, and emotional journey. Hearken back to the days when listeners reveled in an entire album in a single sitting. Delight in Whisperwood as a whole, rather than as individual tracks. Relish Whisperwood in solitude with lyrics in front of you. Whisperwood is best experienced old school style -- as an album, a story told from beginning to end. Partake holistically and you'll be richly rewarded!

The Whisperwood Story: Elvin brothers Elric and Lokai are opposites, yet counterparts. The brothers become traveling minstrels whose music has the power to heal others as well as themselves. Whisperwood is ultimately the story of Lokai?s redemption from vengeance to compassion.

Whisperwood History: In 1988, Eric, Dave and their band were just days away from moving to Jamaica to write music on a secluded beach, but hurricane Gilbert devastated the island and thwarted their plans. Undaunted, they eventually moved to San Diego, CA, where Whisperwood was conceived. Whisperwood soon took on a life of its own, with a magic that captures the hearts of all who lend an ear. Whisperwood evolved in some fashion every year between 1990 and 2008, and will likely continue to grow well into the future. There is currently an effort to bring it to the stage as a theater piece. Whisperwood is Eric?s life work shared with the world.

The Whisperwood Players:

Eric Minella: guitar, mandolin, octave mandolin, bass, vocals, percussion, sound FX
Dave LeVardi: vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, percussion
Sean Lombardo: guitar, mandolin, octave mandolin, bass, vocals
Heather Schorge: lead vocals
Marc ?Trope? Tropeano: drums & percussion
Jose ?Popeye? Villegas Ramirez: violin
Lisetta D?Orazio: flute
Wes Elliott: upright bass
Ken Gullan: narration (primary narrator)
Darlene Lombardo: backing vocals and narration
Randy Rolfsen: backing vocals

Eric, Dave, and Trope started playing together 20 years ago. All three hail from Berkshire County MA, a location they consider to be the real-world Whisperwood. Sean joined the family in 1996. The Whisperwood Players have been a San Diego, CA based band since the early 1990s.

The band has an unrivaled chemistry, having worked, played, and lived together for two decades. They sound like their primary musical influences: Rush, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, and Pink Floyd.


Disc 1:
1 Tale Of Elric
2 Tale Of Lokai
3 Who Can We Believe
4 Narration (Heart Whispers)
5 Ode To Elric (Muirigheal's Invocation)
6 Listen To The Rain (Muirigheal's Lament)
7 Ode To Lokai
8 Ode To Whisperwood
9 Narration (The Pilgrimage)
10 Elvin Song
11 Pawn Song
12 Ever The Twain

Disc 2:
1 Land Of Giants
2 Music In The Air (Jamming With The Giants)
3 Salad Days
4 Full Circle/Laughing With The Hermit/Night Of The Toadstools)
5 Change Of Seasons
6 Narration (Divining The Guild)
7 Lodestar (Ring True)
8 Horn Of Plenty
9 Peace Piper
10 Melding Of The Guild
11 We Believe
12 Sing Your Deeper Song (Muirigheal's Incantation)
13 Last Adiue (Muirigheal's Bidding)
14 King For A Day
15 The Brother Song
16 A Flower In Your Meadow
17 Narration (The Never End)
18 Song Of Songs

[Source: TSM Productions]

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