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CD/DVD Releases: Karfagen - ''The Key To Perception'' 2CD Retrospective Relased

Posted on Sunday, August 02 @ 22:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Released on July 31 on Caerllysi Music is Karfagen - The Key To Perception which includes the complete history so far - 39 tracks - plus comprehensive explanatory booklet.

Antony Kalugin, the talented 28 year old Ukrainian rock artist, who has created two of the most exciting musical projects of the last few years Sunchild and Hoggwash, now releases the definitive history to date of his initial project work Karfagen.

Unlike the other two projects it is almost totally instrumental work and captures the styles woven through all of Antony's music Progressive, Art and Jazz Rock which has pure melody at the heart of its structure inspired by his love of bands such as Camel, Focus and UK, with Antony preparing to issue a new Karfagen studio album The Solitary Sandpiper early in 2010, he felt now was the time to draw this line in the sand which is a statement of the first chapter of Karfagen.

Perception brings you a comprehensive 39 track compilation that includes for the first time all his own track mastering, along with the tracks from the albums Continumm and The Space Between Us; it includes 12 bonus tracks of unreleased versions and new material. The 12 page colour booklet printed as always by Sony has a track by track informative account of the creation of each one something Antony felt deeply he wanted to share with the listener.

So we hope you will enjoy a fresh in depth insight into Karfagen and also look forward to the next stage of its music journey.


Disc 1:
1. A Winter Tale - Part 1 (4:27)
2. A Winter Tale - Part 2 (3:48)
3. A Winter Tale - Part 3 (1:45)
4. Silent Anger (4:49)
5. Old Legends (4:22)
6. All That I Think About You (3:04)
7. Amused Fair (8:13)
8. Stone Talk (2:03)
9. Marvelous Dance (3:31)
10. Muse (2:38)
11. Close to Heaven (2:44) bonus
12. A Winter Tale (demo) (8:36)
13. E2 - E4 (previously unreleased) (0:46)
14. Silent Anger (demo) (4:43)
15. Old Legends (demo).(4:10)
16. Silent Anger part 2 (previously unreleased demo) (1:27)
17. Amused Fair (demo) (8:21)
18. Marvelous Dance (demo) (3:26)
19. For the Friend (previously unreleased demo) (3:42)
20. The Key to Perception (previously unreleased) (3:09)
Total Time 79:58

All tracks by Antony Kalugin (except track 6 by Oleg Polyanskiy)

Disc 2:

1. Entering The Gates (1:52)
2. The Great Circus (5:29)
3. Temple Of Light (4:56)
4. The Other Side (5:09)
5. Sky Of Couple Colors (4:08)
6. Masks And Illusions (6:40)
7. The Dream Master (6:38)
8. Labyrinth (4:43)
9. Let Go (3:32)
10. Wonder Valleys (4:18)
11. Kingfisher And Dragonflies (1:47)
12. Retrofall (5:16)
13. Mind Games (1:20)
14. The Space Between Us (4:17)
15. When The Night Falls (2:13)
16. Big Outro (2:39) bonus
17. Labyrinth (extended demo) (6:28)
18. Night Flight Jam (previously unreleased) (4:24)
19. Sun Valleys (previously unreleased demo) (4:00)
Total Time 79:58

All tracks by Antony Kalugin (except track 7 by Oleg Polyanskiy and 15 by Antony Kalugin & Sergey Kovalev)

[Source: Caerllysi Music]

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