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CD/DVD Releases: Preview Of Shadowland DVD Available; DVD Due Aug 10

Posted on Friday, August 07 @ 04:00:00 UTC by nightowl

(click image to enlarge)Edge Of Night, a DVD of British neo-progressive rock band Shadowland, will finally be available on 10th August in Europe and 11th August in USA. The DVD features an exquisite feast of superb musicianship brought to you by Clive Nolan (Pendragon, Caamora, Arena, Neo), Mike Varty (Landmarq, Credo, Jannison Edge, and Mick Pointer?s project Script for a Jester?s Tour), Karl Groom (a well-known music producer on the prog rock scene and a member of Threshold and Strangers on a Train), Mark Westwood (Caamora, Neo), and Nick Harradence (NW10). It includes almost 2 hours of footage, presenting songs from Shadowland's classic albums performed by the elite of the scene!

Today you can have a look at a sneak preview of the DVD on Metal Mind Productions? channel on YouTube: www.youtube.com/profile?user=MetalMindPoland. You can watch there two tracks taken from the DVD: A Matter Of Perspective and The Hunger.

Shadowland - This British neo-progressive rock band was formed in the 90's by Clive Nolan and Karl Groom. The band's music tends towards the "songy" side of progressive rock while retaining its melodic and emotional intensity. They have developed a style that is both complex and easy listening. The band have recorded three albums so far: Ring Of Roses (1992), Through The Looking Glass (1994) and Mad As A Hatter (1996). Sadly, due to the onset of other commitments, Shadowland took a lengthy break from recording and performing between 1996 and 2008. Late in 2008 Nolan announced that Shadowland would be reforming for a tour in early 2009. In mid February they played at the famous Wyspiański Theatre during the first edition of the progressive rock festival ProgRock 2009. The band?s performance was recorded and now will be released on their first DVD.

Clive Nolan says: ?It was great to go back out on tour with Shadowland after a 13 year break. It felt very comfortable playing those old songs again, and exciting to have a bit of new material as well. Playing the concert at the Wyspianski Theatre in Katowice was a great opportunity to film the band, and the audience made the evening a very special experience. Playing with Shadowland again brought back some great feelings for us in the band, so we'll be out on tour again early next year... ready to promote our new DVD and Boxset!?

Edge Of Night DVD also features an interview with Clive Nolan and Karl Groom, bonus live footage "Shadowland Live in Holland 2009," photo gallery, desktop images, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and more!


1. A Matter Of Perspective
2. The Hunger
3. The Whistleblower
4. Mephisto Bridge
5. The Kruhulick Syndrome
6. The Waking Hour
7. Painting by Numbers
8. Hall Of Mirrors
9. The Edge Of Night
10. U.S.I.
11. The Seventh Year
12. Jigsaw
13. Dreams Of The Ferryman
14. Ring Of Roses

CD 1 (limited editions only):

1. A Matter Of Perspective
2. The Hunger
3. The Whistleblower
4. Mephisto Bridge
5. The Kruhulick Syndrome
6. The Waking Hour
7. Painting By Numbers

CD 2 (limited editions only):

1. Hall Of Mirrors
2. The Edge Of Night
3. U.S.I.
4. The Seventh Year
5. Jigsaw
6. Dreams Of The Ferryman
7. Ring Of Roses

Edge Of Night DVD will be available in 3 different formats: DVD, limited DVD+2CD edition, including 2 bonus audio CDs with songs recorded during the gig at the theatre, and 2CD digipak (limited to 1000 copies).

[Metal Mind]

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