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CD/DVD Releases: Dutch Proggers Silhouette Signed To Progress Records

Posted on Saturday, August 08 @ 20:00:00 UTC by nightowl

In 2006 Progress Records received a demo copy of the Dutch prog band Silhouette?s debut work, found it promising but lacking in good production. Progress Records contacted the band and expressed how they felt and agreed on not taking it on but to stay in touch. Meanwhile the band decided to release their debut, A Maze, on their own.

Two years later the new work was finished. A 78 minute concept album with melodic, timeless symphonic prog demonstrating that the band has developed their song writing, their performance and now delivered a good sounding production.

After only a few listens Progress Records decided that they wanted to release it and after some e-mailing back and forth with the band it is settled. Silhouette?s new album Moods will be out on the Progress label in September!

[Source: Progress Records]

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