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CD/DVD Releases: ''The Crowning'' Of Crash The System August 11

Posted on Saturday, August 08 @ 20:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Frontiers Records is happy to announce the release of Crash The System's debut album entitled The Crowning on August 11.

The Crash The System project came about as a collaboration between songwriter Soren Kronqvist (former Finnish 400 meter hurdle champion and songwriter for Michael Bormann, House of Lords and CC Rock, among others) and drummer/producer Daniel Flores (Mind's Eye, The Murder Of My Sweet) in the fall of 2008. The duo has known each other for a couple of years and they respect each other's work. Kronqvist and Flores decided to work on a project together with songs they enjoyed writing.

"The original plan was to make one song with Daniel and try to get that song out to a band or an artist, and, if it would turn out good we would do more together," Kronqvist said. "The first song we did was 'All Because Of You' and we both were really happy with how that song turned out. A few record companies also liked the song. We then recorded three more songs and got good response from them, as well, and that's when Frontiers came into the picture."

Thanks to Flores' extensive music background, good reputation, and connections in the music business he managed to bring some of the top names in Sweden into the project. Guest vocalists on the project are: Goran Edman (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum, Brazen Abbot) Mats Leven (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, Infinite Mass), Thomas Vikstrom (ex-Talk Of The Town, Candlemass), and Bjorn Jansson (ex-Ride The Sky, Tears Of Anger). Appearing on the album are also Johan Niemann (Mind's Eye, The Murder Of My Sweet), Daniel Palmqvist (The Murder Of My Sweet), and Manuel Lewys (Machinery, Elwood) on guitars, with additional keyboards by Andreas Lindahl and additional backing vocals by Angelica Rylin (The Murder Of My Sweet).

"The sound of Crash The System is a mix of '80s hard rock/metal, modern metal, some symphonic influences, and a few hi-tech elements," said Kronqvist. "I come from a softer side of metal and Daniel comes from the prog side of rock and metal. Crash The System is where we both meet. The 'crash of styles' and the added touch of the four fantastic singers, as well as the additional musicians, gives the sound an interesting character. We wanted to keep it fairly simple with catchy melodies. Just put in the CD in the CD player and rock, not having to listen to the record 20 times to understand it."

Fans of '80s melodic hard rock with influences of modern symphonic metal should not be disappointed with the catchy choruses and great melodies sung by some of the top hard rock singers around. "Hopefully people will like the songs and look forward to the next album and more material from us," Kronqvist said. "We feel that all songs are about equally strong. None of the songs are fillers."

The Crowning final track listing includes: "Fight Fire With Fire," "All Because Of You," "I Still Believe In Love," "Love Is In Your Eyes," "Take A Chance," "Enough Of Your Lovin'," "Mysterious," "Angel Of My Heart," "Rolling Stone," "Don't Tell Me No Lies," "Broken Glass," "Higher And Higher," and "Without Chances."

[Source: Mazur PR]

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