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CD/DVD Releases: Twenty3Fifty9 Release ''The Count, Act I - The Soul Of A Prisoner''

Posted on Saturday, August 08 @ 20:05:00 UTC by nightowl

Twenty3Fifty9, an allusion to One Minute to Midnight, is a melodic, symphonic, progressive metal band that has been performing in Dallas/Fort Worth since late 2005, playing portions of The Count as the music evolved, and filling out their sets with covers of Dream Theater, Kansas and Iron Maiden, among others.

This eclectic selection of music has set them apart in a music scene filled largely with 80s tribute bands and death metal. Fans of the group have been clamoring for a release for some time, and so, three and one half years after their first performance, the first release is upon us.

Combining a variety of influences, strong, melodic vocals, complex rhythms, frequent meter changes and dueling guitar and keyboard leads, The Count retells the classic revenge story, The Count of Monte Cristo, the tale of an innocent youth, caught in the gears of political intrigue by others jealous of his good fortune. Told in epic format, the story begins and ends in the cell where our hero is imprisoned, most of the action taking the form of flashbacks to earlier events that lead Dantes to inevitable conclusions, and move him inexorably toward an eventual escape and revenge. Said one reviewer after seeing the live performance "?[T]his is epic rock at its greatest, and the powerful vocals sealed the deal? Bravo!"

With their first release behind them, the band plans on returning to the studio to begin work on both material for a second Act of The Count, as well as an interim release already under development to be named Intermission.

In the mean time, the boys are looking forward to getting out and playing some shows a bit further afield than their usual spots around Dallas/Fort Worth.


1. Overture
2. Darkness
3. Betrayed
4. Homecoming
5. Believe
6. Conspirators
7. Trapped
8. One Hundred Days
9. Awaiting Justice
10. Finale

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