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CD/DVD Releases: Glass Spires Releases Debut Through Nightmare Records

Posted on Sunday, August 16 @ 19:00:00 UTC by nightowl

A new fusion in Metal Music brought to you from Madrid, Spain, Glass Spires brings forth a new vision to the essence of Rock/Metal blending the aggressive skills of Melodic and Progressive Metal realms with stellar Power Rock song writing skills of decades past. These five members debut with their first work comprised of eleven solid tracks that will slap a big smile on the face of all fans of heavy music.

Glass Spires gives great quality song writing, musical skills, and brilliant vocals to the world on their self titled album. The power and passion of their vocalist's harrowing voice sounding like a blending of the best possible combination of John Sykes and Jorn Lande, bringing this group of tunes to the masses with his great delivery and sense of melody.

The backing music behind the voice showcases a new band phenom worthy of the best Thrash Metal virtuosity of their solos and instrumental sections.The carnival of creativity that is Glass Spires takes the listener to new dimensions not visited in far too long.

If you're looking for technical excellence, If you're looking for music that makes you feel something more than just high energy? Whatever it is that you're looking for in metal, it is easily found in Glass Spires.


1 Blood Perversion
2 Say Yes To Be Free
3 Faith
4 The Sweet Skin Of Evil
5 Believe
6 Carry Our Hearts Together
7 Glass Spires
8 The Hate And The Blame
9 El Dilema
10 Stay On
11 The Grief

[Glass Spires was released through Nightmare Records in March 2009 -ed.]

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