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CD/DVD Releases: Guitar Monster Jim Davies Of The Prodigy To Release Debut Instrumental CD

Posted on Sunday, August 16 @ 21:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Electronic Guitar on Mascot Records ? Out Now On iTunes And CD Import Only

Jim Davies, the man who gave The Prodigy?s biggest hits a guitar-shaped boot up the electronic arse, is set to launch his debut instrumental guitar album on Mascot Records.

Electronic Guitar is a pulsating monster of a record, showcasing Davies? ingenious guitar techniques that blur the line between synths and six-strings.

Electronic Guitar is Davies? debut album as an instrumental artist. It?s a powerful statement of intent from the revered pioneer that should appeal to guitarists and non-guitarists alike?

?My mission statement was to push the boundaries of the guitar instrumental album,? says Jim, ?I saw little point in trying to emulate the kind of virtuoso, highly technical albums of Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert and Joe Satriani. They?ve got that side of the genre well and truly covered!"

As far as bona fide guitar heroes go, Jim Davies was a late starter. The veteran of the UK electronic-rock crossover scene began playing at 16. However, his delayed introduction to the instrument was no handicap: three years after his first power-chord, he was a finalist in Guitarist magazine?s Guitarist of The Year competition. Davies earned his place in the final with an instrumental that demonstrated his unique sound, developed while still in his teens.

In 1995, a chance meeting with Prodigy main man Liam Howlett gave Jim the opportunity to take his innovative playing to a wider audience. Seizing the moment, Davies handed Howlett a demo tape. Liam was so impressed by what he heard, he asked Jim to join him as Prodigy?s touring guitarist. The subsequent tour took in The Prodigy?s famous Glastonbury appearance of 1995 and headline slots at festivals across the globe.

?The dance scene became a massive source of inspiration for me at a time when I felt I?d taken my rock style playing as far as it could go,? says Davies. ?I loved all the squelchy filter sounds and layers of synth lines, so I started using more guitar effects to try and emulate those sounds.?

?The plan was to incorporate my love of electronic music into the world of the guitar instrumental. It was important to me that I did this album in my own style. I?ve always been into effects and creating un-guitar like sounds, so this is an electronic-based guitar album using nothing but the guitar itself to create the more ?techno?-like sounds. In-fact all the sounds on the record except the drums and bass are guitar generated!!?

?I hope I have succeeded in taking the guitar instrumental genre down a slightly different road? or murky back alley."

[Source: VQPR]

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