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CD/DVD Releases: Frogg Cafe Report From Their Lilypad

Posted on Saturday, August 29 @ 19:00:00 UTC by nightowl

"Hello from soupy New York," writes Frogg Cafe in their e-newsletter (well, at least one member writes). "I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. The band has just started to mix our new studio CD which will be entitled Bateless Edge. 74 minutes of mayhem, but more about that soon. It will be out in the fall along with some added digital goodies. Keep your pants on. For now.

"I'm writing to tell you about a great compilation project 10T Records put together. All of their artists recorded a cover tune of their choice and they just released it.

"The Froggs laid down a Mahavishnu Orchestra track, I hope you like it because some fat guys broke a sweat playing in 10/8 for you!

"Press release below. Take it easy and be well."

[Since we published this item earlier in the month, here's an excerpt; you can hop on over to August 16 to read the full item -ed.]

10T Records is excited to announce the pending release of the CD Undercover on September 15, 2009. Undercover is the label?s first compilation project, featuring never before heard performances from the 10T roster of artists.

The concept behind Undercover is simple. The label asked each of its artists to select a song by another artist that was influential in the development of their own musical identity; a composition that might not sound exactly like what that 10T Records artist has evolved into, but one that significantly inspired their creativity at some point in their musical past. The mission was then to not simply do a faithful cover of that song, but to reinterpret the tune such that it represented where the artists musically find themselves currently.

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