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CD/DVD Releases: Knight Area Finish New Album

Posted on Sunday, December 10 @ 00:55:20 UTC by nightowl

Knight Area report that their new album, Under A New Sign, has been recorded and mixed and is now in the hands of Bob Katz.

"Under A New Sign will be somewhat heavier than our first album, The Sun Also Rises (2004), but still very melodic and emotional," the band state. "There's even a true ballad."

Under A New Sign will be released March 7, 2007 via The Laser's Edge with artwork from Mattias Noren.


1. A Different Man (07.50)
2. Exit L.U.M.C. (07.41)
3. Mastermind (06.17)
4. Under A New Sign (05.44)
5. Courteous Love (07.08)
6. Dreamweaver (07.38)
7. A Different Man, part 2 (13.07)

Knight Area will do an European Tour in 2007 to promote the album.

[Source: Knight Area]

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