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Artist News: Torben Enevoldsen's Melodic Hard Rock Project: Fatal Force

Posted on Sunday, December 10 @ 01:35:27 UTC by nightowl

The ever-busy Danish guitarist Torben Enevoldsen has released a melodic hard rock album under the name Fatal Force, which is now available in the US on Locomotive Records, licensed through MTM Music.

After the completion of the second album by his vocal project, Section A, and his third instrumental album, Flying Solo, Enevoldsen began writing new material.

"My goal was to make a very melodic and straight-forward hard rock album," said Enevoldsen. "I wanted to pay more attention to the melody, and basically get to the point of each song, rather than doing fancy and elaborate arrangements."

Enevoldsen had Mats Lev?n (At Vance, Therion, Yngwie Malmsteen) in mind for the vocals on the album and Daniel Flores (XsavioR and Mind?s Eye) for the drum position. "I really love Mats' voice," said Enevoldsen. "He has such a natural rasp and there seems to be no limit to his vocal abilities. I had heard Daniel play on various projects and really liked his approach to drumming. He has got great swing and is able to keep rock hard timing."

Enevoldsen started recording rough tracks in his Denmark home studio, The Lab, and then sent them to Mats and Daniel. They recorded their parts in Stockholm and returned the demos to Enevoldsen, who recorded all of the guitar, bass, and keyboard tracks at The Lab.

Tommy Hansen, who has worked with bands such as Helloween, TNT, and Pretty Maids, mixed and mastered the record at Jailhouse Studios. "It was great working with an experienced guy like Tommy and I definitely picked up a few pointers a long the way," Enevoldsen said.

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