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Artist News: Technical Melodic Metal Band Rivera/Bomma Is Looking For A New Label

Posted on Sunday, December 10 @ 20:42:32 UTC by nightowl

The technical melodic metal band Rivera/Bomma is currently seeking a new label. The band released two highly acclaimed releases, the first being Invisible Force, which was independently released in the US market and in Europe under the high brow Greek label Secret Port Records.

Their latest CD I Am God was released only in Europe under a legendary Belgium label. The label did not give proper promotional attention to the USA and the record went unnoticed in North America, so Rivera/Bomma decided to depart from the label. They are currently seeking an aggressive label to help them release this masterpiece I Am God in the USA and help them get better positioned in the global market.

Also the band is planning a five year anniversary release of their debut Invisible Force by reissuing an Inde version of the CD with alternative artwork and a photo collage featuring some shots taken by fans within the past 5 years. This is a re-mastered version for the fans.

[Source: www.silentplanetpromotions]

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