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CD/DVD Releases: Michael Landau's Debut Live Release

Posted on Monday, December 11 @ 00:07:38 UTC by nightowl

Master Session Guitarist Michael Landau Solo Release: Michael Landau Group Live Tone Center/Shrapnel Records

This double CD live recording captures Michael Landau's critically acclaimed guitar ability, as it was showcased at an LA club during 2006. This amazing 2 disc set is a guitar masterpiece where the guitar does the talking as it runs the gamut from blues to rock to jazz/fusion and offers harmonically adventurous forays into uncharted blues and fusion terrain.

Considering Landau's immense notoriety as a guitarist through a long professional career dating back to his teens, it has always been difficult for fans and curious guitar lovers to find his recordings as most of them have been issued privately. This double CD encapsulates the brilliance of Landau's playing and offers guitar fans a peak listening experience.

Featuring some intense long jams with some of the most phenomenal live guitar solos ever recorded, this CD includes supporting performances by legendary musicians such as bassist Jimmy Johnson, keyboardist Scott Kinsey, drummers Toss Panos, Gary Novak and more.

Landau is perhaps the most widely respected session guitarist of all time having played with Miles Davis, Chaka Khan, Mariah Carey, Quincy Jones, Joni Mitchell, Diana Ross, Rod Stewart, James Taylor, The Jefferson Airplane, Seal, and a host of others. Landau has led a number of his own groups as well - including Burning Water and Raging Honkies. Being a fixture of the exclusive L.A. jazz/blues club scene where he has held musical court to thousands of fans through the years with a variety of stunning line-ups incorporating the "Who?s Who" of L.A.?s top musicians.

Landau has mesmerized guitar fans around the globe with his masterful phrases and unique style. There is much anticipation for this live record and Landau does not fail to impress. For more information go to www.shrapnelrecords.com and www.mikelandau.com.

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