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CD/DVD Releases: New Excalion Album To Be Released Through Limb Music

Posted on Saturday, December 16 @ 23:32:00 UTC by nightowl

As some of you know, we [Sound Riot Records] were working on [Finnish melodic power-metal band Excalion's] 2nd album to released during this year, but the material on this album showed a potential [...] higher than we had in mind because we got various licensing proposals for it. So, our plans needed to be changed on this point. After 3 months in negotiations with two major European labels, we would like to announce that Sound Riot Records have inked a worldwide licensing deal with Limb Music for the release of the new Excalion album, Waterlines.

Limb Music has scheduled the release for February 2007. If you want to check a new song from this album, see the video of "Losing Time" at www.excalion.com or www.youtube.com.

Excalion are: Jarmo Pääkkönen - vocals, Jarmo Myllyvirta - keyboards, Henri Pirkkalainen - drums, Tero Vaaja - guitars, Kimmo Hänninen - guitars and Timo Sahlberg - bass. Their first album, Primal Exhale, was released in 2005.

The tracklisting for Waterlines:

Life On Fire
Losing Time
Ivory Tower
I Failed You
Arriving As The Dark
Streams Of Madness
Delta Sunrise
Between The lines
Soaking Ground
Yövartio* (European bonus track)
Access Denied (Japanese bonus track)
* = Finnish version of the track "Arriving As The Dark"

It will be released in Japan through Stay Gold / Art Union Records in March.

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