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CD/DVD Releases: Beppe Crovella Releases New Album, ''Soulful Traffic''

Posted on Monday, January 18 @ 05:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Beppe Crovella has released a new album, Soulful Traffic, an album dedicated to the Hammond Organ, celebrating the instrument's 75th Anniversary.

The Hammond Organ was invented by Laurens Hammond in 1934 and manufactured by the Hammond Organ Company.

While it was originally created as as alternative to the wind-driven pipe organ, the Hammond Organ has provided the backbone of much popular music since its invention 75 years ago, from jazz to rock, from soul to R&B, from gospel to funk and more.

The unmistakable, gritty, ?charismatic? sound of this groovy ?soulful? septuagenarian, has been loved by many generations and it is still in ?the heart of music."

?The Hammond Organ to me is really a live entity that breathes, that has ... blood within the electric circuitries, that generates sweat and tears ... and my A100 after many decades has still its own smell. This beautiful mighty beast has a ... soul!? - Beppe Crovella.


Soulful (3:54)
Take The ?A 100? Train (3:20)
Street Parade (4:22)
Countdown (4:43)
Searchin? For Freedom (3:44)
Swingin? The Walk (3:49)
It?s 4 You (4:15)
Hearts (2:54)
After The Night Rain (5:08)
Brand New Dawn (4:45)
Golden Sand (4:37)
Goin? Back (5:16)
Clive?S Shuffle (3:12)
Night Fun(K) (3:53)
Sunset (5:26)
Invisible Dancer (3:49)
Follow That Taxi! (3:38)
Just A Goodbye (1:12)

On this album there?s a ?Soulful Traffic? that?s been generated by melodies, moods and grooves coming from different musical inspirations, from ?soul? to ?R&B," from ?rock blues to rock," from ?acid jazz? to ?jazz-rock," from ?latin? to ?60/70?s moods." Soulful Traffic is ?soulfully? dedicated to the memory of Mr. Laurens Hammond.

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Source: Electromantic Music

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