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CD/DVD Releases: The Dreaming Tree Release ''Progress Has No Patience''

Posted on Sunday, May 09 @ 21:00:00 UTC by nightowl

The Dreaming Tree released Progress Has No Patience on 13th March 2010.

A UK based progressive Pop/Rock band with a sound rich in dynamics and wry with an impelling quirkiness. With influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to Spock?s Beard, to Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, their latest album, Progress Has No Patience, has been released...

Recorded at their own Treehouse Studios and at Thin Ice Studios under the watchful eye and ear of producer Karl Groom (Threshold/Dragonforce), The Dreaming Tree have honed a new batch of songs, as well as reworked songs that have been live staples but never recorded. The result of a more measured approach to crafting music sees the new album move forward a step in sophistication, yet all the while still retaining the essence of variety that makes the band what it is.

The band began in earnest in 2003/04 when Chris Buckler and Neil Ablard met Dan Jones on a sound engineering course. This led to Dan being invited to join the guitar-less band that Chris and Neil had been playing in, along with Jim Peterson and Steve Barratt. The resultant clash of musical ideals spewed forth a frenzied writing spree, with songs running a gamut of styles emerging from the band?s rehearsal room. A selection of four of these songs made it onto The Dreaming Tree?s first recorded output, the self-titled EP that was recorded at Lakeside Studios in Sandwell, Birmingham.

Throughout the rest of 2004 and into 2005, the band played as many shows as they could, all whilst continuing to write new music, with an amassed total of over 30 songs. They concentrated on building a good live platform, and deliberately tested themselves and their material in a variety of settings, from larger, fully electric shows, to unplugged acoustic shows, sometimes stripping the songs down to only guitar and vocals. Any chance to play they took. This led to developing an almost improvisational style live, with sets often featuring jams that could take any twist and turn.

During 2006, the band decided to expand on their rehearsal space by constructing their own studio. After that was complete, the task of recording the album to document the last two years? worth of songs began. The resultant disc, Grafting Lines And Spreading Rumours features modern pop/rock songs, through longer, more grandiose progressive songs, up to stomping full-force rock, with plenty of other styles sneaking in to leave subtle marks on the songs.

A year later, and the band had played many more shows promoting the new album. With a ?play anywhere and with anyone? ethos, many gigs had been in smaller venues prompting acoustic based setups, and the music had translated so well from the fully electric sound that the band decided to record songs from the set in a stripped down format. The result was the album Unplugged One: How To Sound Good Naked, and was released in December 2008.

The band are now looking to move into 2010 promoting the new album, and look to increase their profile and fanbase through more live performances.

Band Line Up:

Steve Barratt - Keyboards
Jim Peterson - Bass
Chris Buckler - Vocals
Dan Jones - Guitar
Neil Ablard - Drums


1- Silence Won?t Steal
2- Arcadia
3- Grown Too Small
4- Love And The Heart
5- Moult
6- Ophidia
7- Slender Versions Of The Truth
8- You The One
9- Tide And The Mast
10- Whisper Song
11- The Only Truth


[Source: TSM Productions]

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