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CD/DVD Releases: Releasing A New Prototyp

Posted on Tuesday, August 22 @ 05:24:30 UTC by nightowl

As posted to our [old] message board:

Some News about Adrian Iowa and his band Prototyp! We're hard at work on our album called The Snow Star and we hope that the CD-Material will be finished in the middle of November. (We working hard on this album to give you the best we have to offer). If we can keep that time schedule there is a big chance that the album will come out in December 2006. I'll keep you updated on this, so stay tuned!

VIDEO FOR DOWNLOAD: We got something for you: a promo video (13 min.) Prototyp live in concert at Museum Hall, Hechingen, Germany. So check it out!!!!


Hope you enjoy the site, and keep coming back! Don't forget to sign the guestbook, please. Thanks! Official MySpace site: www.myspace.com/officialsiteprototyp

Love, Peace & GOOD MUSIC

[Source: Adrian Iowa, Prototyp]

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