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Festival News: NEARFest 2011 To Get A Special Delivery From Chile

Posted on Monday, October 11 @ 19:00:00 UTC by nightowl

"We are extremely pleased to announce that the genre-defying Chilean group MediaBanda will be making its live North American debut at NEARfest 2011," announces the folks behind NEARfest. "Formed from the ashes of the eclectic fusion/avant-garde/RIO/prog/pop hybrid known as Fulano, MediaBanda launched with an expanded lineup of virtuoso musicians and vocalists, including several of younger age. To paraphrase part of the group's official biography, MediaBanda was forged with the '? intent of continuity, renewal, and a link between two generations of musicians ? those who lived during the years without democracy (in Chile) and those who do not carry that burden in their memories. The result is a fruit of the union between experience and young ideas.'

"The group's music encompasses such a wide range of styles and influences that it is nearly impossible to categorize with any hope of accuracy, although it's probably safe to say that Zappa's most adventurous (modern) classical-tinged big-band fusion escapades often provide a dominant reference point. However, don't be surprised to hear music that, at various times, might be described as funky, melodic, jazzy, complex, tuneful, dissonant, bluesy, challenging, and simply beautiful ? yet always definitively progressive. In addition to intense and varied instrumental compositions, soaring female vocals also enhance a significant portion of the ensemble's diverse and captivating repertoire.

"MediaBanda's debut album, Entre La Inseguridad Y El Ego, earned the band 'Best Group of the Year' and 'Best New Chilean Artist' awards in 2004 and helped to launch a series of concerts across their native Chile, eventually leading to additional performances in Europe a few years later.

"The group also went on to release what many consider to be an even more impressive follow-up double CD, Dinero Y Termanaci?n Nerviosa, in 2007 ? an album that gained near-immediate 'cult classic' status in the prog community. However, in spite of the ensemble's growing notoriety among prog aficionados, most have yet to experience the power and majesty of the band's live show. We here at the home offices are extremely proud to be able to make MediaBanda a very special part of NEARfest 2011."

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