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Other: RC2 Offers Free Download Of 6 Songs To Fans

Posted on Saturday, October 23 @ 22:30:00 UTC by nightowl

Barcelona based prog rock band RC2 is proud to announce that, starting today [Oct 18], they will give away 6 songs for free: 3 from their last album, Future Awaits (Progrock Records, 2008); and 3 from their debut album, RC2 (Musea Records, 2003).

The songs from RC2 show the more symphonic side of the band, with a metal touch on the guitar approach. This has become the signature of RC2's sound.

The songs from Future Awaits, are part of a musical journey describing the band's change of location. In 2004 they move from their native Venezuela to Spain, where they live now and are currently writing their third album.

RC2 released their first album, RC2, on Musea Records, in 2003, to worldwide critical acclaim. Proggnosis.com called the album "A progressive rock album with capital letters". Future Awaits earned 9,5 stars out of 10 on the Dutch Progressive Rock Page. Also, the band was chosen by the one and only Mike Portnoy as Dream Theater's opening act in their Venezuelan concert. In 2009 they were featured on the Latin American edition of Rolling Stone Magazine, being the first Latin prog rock band to appear on their pages. More recently, they've been featured on Classic Rock Presents Prog magazine. [FA earned 4/5 in our review -ed.]

Download the songs for free at: www.mediafire.com/rc2

You can find more about the band and make friends at www.facebook.com/rc2prog.

[Source: RC2]

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