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CD/DVD Releases: Transatlantic Launches ''Whirlwind Tour 2010: Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire''

Posted on Sunday, October 31 @ 00:00:00 UTC by nightowl

A Mammoth Live 2-DVD Set With 8 Hours Of Amazing Footage
North America: October 26, 2010; Europe: November 8, 2010
Available As A 2-DVD Set, 3-CD Audio Version, and 5-Disc Deluxe Edition

Music fans were surprised and elated in 2009 when prog rock supergroup Transatlantic announced they were reforming for a new album. The Whirlwind went on to be their best-selling album, entering mainstream charts in the US, Germany and Netherlands.

Ten years earlier, four of progressive rock?s finest joined together to form the supergroup, Transatlantic: Neal Morse (lead vocals, guitar, keyboard), Roine Stolt (lead vocals, guitar), Mike Portnoy (drums, vocals), and Pete Trewavas (bass, vocals). Their two seminal albums, tours and DVDs redefined prog?s artistic and commercial possibilities with a combination of modern and traditional prog, classic pop sensibilities, and mind-blowing musicianship.

The Whirlwind tour was the group?s largest, covering both sides of the Atlantic across 11 countries. With the addition of Pain of Salvation?s Daniel Gildenlow on guitar and keyboards, it was also their most musically powerful. On May 21, 2010, at Shepherd's Bush Empire in London, the cameras were rolling.

The concert featured the entire Whirlwind album performed exactly as on the studio recording. But that?s just the beginning. For the next two and half hours, Transatlantic performed nearly every song they?ve ever recorded, along with some surprises. The audio recorded at the show was later mixed by the band?s own Roine Stolt, ensuring a genuine presentation of the music from that night.

The show doesn?t end, though, with the fading echoes of the final note. Backstage, in and around cities throughout Europe, the cameras accompanied Mike, Neal, Roine and Pete on their journey. Uncensored experiences and candid moments reveal the good, the bad, and the unexpected of life on the road.

Also included is the band?s encore from the final night of their tour, a headlining spot at the UK?s High Voltage Festival. For the last song, they performed the Genesis classic, ?Return Of The Giant Hogweed,? joined onstage by original Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett.

Travel from the last decade of prog to today, and from the backstage to the soundstage. Capturing a thousand timeless moments, Whirlwind Tour 2010: Live At Shepherd?s Bush London captures musicians and audience uniting to create an electrifying musical experience. Join Transatlantic as they unleash their very best?as you?ve never seen, heard or imagined them.

DVD Release

DVD 1 (147 minutes):

1. The Whirlwind
2. All Of The Above
3. We All Need Some Light
4. Duel With the Devil

DVD 2 (160 minutes):

1. Bridge Across Forever
2. Stranger In Your Soul
3. Documentary
4. Band Interview
5. Return Of The Giant Hogweed (w/ Steve Hacket)

CD Release

Audio CD 1:

1. The Whirlwind (79:52)

Audio CD 2:

1. All Of The Above (30:19)
2. We All Need Some Light (8:40)
3. Duel With The Devil (28:31)

Audio CD 3:

1. Bridge Across Forever (6:03)
2. Stranger In Your Soul (30:00)

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