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CD/DVD Releases: Iona To Release New Album

Posted on Monday, August 14 @ 00:49:12 UTC by nightowl

Open Sky Records reports that, "[A]fter a bit of a delay, the brand new Iona studio album The Circling Hour is currently being manufactured and we are expecting finished copies to arrive at the beginning of September. The band are unanimous in their feeling that this is definitely one of the best Iona albums to date.

"The album contains a full 65 minutes of new Iona music with a seamless blend of songs and

instrumental sections, with all the band members excelling themselves in their performances. The album was mixed in Los Angeles by John Kellogg (who has worked on 5.1 surround sound mixes for Chicago, Foreigner, Deep Purple, ELP, The Black Crowes and many more) - with Dave and Troy overseeing the latter stages of the process. John has brought a new clarity and directness to the Iona sound, whilst retaining the huge dynamic range the band are known for.

"There are some truly emotive and breathtaking moments, not least the guest appearance, right at the end of the album, by Mostly Autumn singer Heather Findlay.

The running order is as follows;

1.Empyrean Dawn
2.Children Of Time
4.Wind Off The Lake
5.Factory Of Magnificent Souls
7.No Fear In Love
8.Wind, Water And Fire
9.Fragment (Of A Fiery Sun)

There is still time to take advantage of the lower pre-release, pre-order price by ordering it directly from us at www.iona.uk.com before the beginning of September."

In related news, Troy Donockly and Dave Bainbridge have a new CD out called When Worlds Collide. "The follow up CD to From Silence from Troy and Dave includes a mix of live and studio tracks, with new versions of Iona classics such as 'Edge Of The World' and "Bi-Se I Mo Shuil - Part 1' plus tracks from Troy's solo albums, the tradtional folk repertoire. Features an especially stunning version of the traditional tune 'The Greenfields Of Canada' and some great acoustic guitar duo playing from the two musicians.

Look for Iona on tour in Europe late this summer and into fall.

[Source: Open Sky]

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