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Concerts: Guillermo Cides: 20 Years Of Stick + Concert For Facebook & Myspace

Posted on Sunday, May 01 @ 14:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Musician Guillermo Cides celebrates 20 years of experience with the Stick in an special concert that will be broadcast live on Facebook and Myspace. He is a pioneer and referent of the 10-string instrument, the Stick, and he was the first musician to play solo Stick concerts in his home country. Cides founded the Centro de Stickistas (Stick Center) in Argentina and Spain, toured and collaborated with all kinds of artists. Among his published recordings is a tribute to Bach with just the Stick.

Facebook and Myspace are the most popular sites used by people and we all know this. However, a live concert in real time visible to all users of these networks is a novelty that once again shows the extent to which social networks are revolutionizing the communication era.

This has been understood by the Argentinean musician Guillermo Cides, who will provide the Facebook and Myspace audience with a direct view of his concert through a web camera located in a theater of Tarragona, Spain. This historical event will double as the "stickista" celebrates 20 years of music on this revolutionary instrument. The Stick combines the art of bass, guitar, piano and percussion in the 10 strings. This invention is the work of the Californian luthier Emmett Chapman (stick.com).

Cides, who has opened concerts for Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Rick Wakeman (Yes), Jethro Tull, Fish (Marillion), Roger Hodgson (Supertramp), John Wetton, Trilok Gurtu, and mixed his sound on recordings with Tim Alexander (Primus) and Trey Gunn (King Crimson). He has released several solo and collaborative albums. The stickista, who is based in Barcelona, has toured in different countries with his solo performances in addition to different types of musical projects like The Electrik Consort trio, Pepe Bao/Cides/Blavia trio, the duet Cides/Marotta (ex-Peter Gabriel drummer), the duet Cides/Linda Cushma and The Stick Trio. He participates as a guest in concerts with California Guitar Trio, Raimundo Amador, Lito Vitale show, Emmett Chapman among others. He organized European Stick Seminars in Spain and has created different stickistas ensembles who have accompanied him in concerts, radio and television. Also he has participated in festivals like the Festival de la Guitarra de Cordoba, Advanced Music Festival de Jerez, Festival de Jazz de Lleida, Semana Grande Festival de San Sebastian (Spain), Progsud Festival, Festival Juan les Pins (France), Festival Jazz El Bolson (Argentina), among others.

Currently he play with Argentinian drummer Alex Leys who worked with Cides in the early years and they have meet again 20 years later.

May 6th 2011 / online concert
Location: Magatzem Theater, calle Reding 14. Tarragona. Spain
Virtual location: www.facebook.com/guillermocides
Time: 9PM (visit official Facebook to synchronize time with your country).

[Source: Mitja Media Press]

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