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Artist News: News Bits: Akroma, The Strawbs' John Ford,

Posted on Sunday, May 01 @ 19:05:00 UTC by nightowl

Akroma write to share that they've put online a cover track on their MySpace page featuring the present lineup, which is currently working on their third album -- Alain "Bob" Germonville (concept, vocals), Matthieu Morand (concept, guitar, drums, programming), Thomas Das Neves (drums) and Pierre-Yves Martin (bass). The group's first 2 albums are still available on iTunes or via Paypal at a special price on the band's official website: www.akroma-metal.net. Find the band on Facebook [Source: Akroma]

The Strawbs' John Ford's Resurrected - The Best Of And Then Some was released last month by Whole Shot Records and available via CDBaby and iTunes. The new CD contains 20 NEW and "Best of" tracks off John Ford's 10 Solo albums. Music video teasers for "Acoustics Sunrise" and "Resurrected" are now up on YouTube. More videos in the works. "Acoustic Sunrise" | "Resurrected"

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