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CD/DVD Releases: More New Titles Available Via Wayside

Posted on Thursday, May 19 @ 20:00:00 UTC by nightowl

While a not a new release, Wayside Music shared in their May 16 update that they have Beardfish's Fran En Plats Du Ej Kan Se for $25.00. "This Swedish release is always hard to find and hard to stock," the say (and I don't doubt). "We've finally got a decent supply.

"This 2003 release is Beardfish's first album. The band are a quintet: Robert Hansen-bass; David Zackrisson-guitar, tapes, vocals; Magnus Östrgren-drums, Rikard Sjöblom-vocals, guitar, piano; and Stefan Aronsson-organ, Moog, vocals. It's a very good, heavy, 1970s-styled progressive rock album - almost a progressive hard-rock styled album, but with more progressive than hard rock elements. You can definitely hear traces of similar Scandanavian bands like Trettio&aaring;riga Kriget, November, etc, but, as I said, with a more progressive slant, even though there's some outstanding heavy organ and guitar work. Vocals are very good too. This isn't as ambitious of an album as their newer double, The Sane Day, but I think I actually like this one better in terms of just enjoying it."

You can also find their latest, Mammoth, back in stock at Wayside.

Find Fran En Plats... here at Wayside and Mammoth here

Also not new, but newer, as it was released only last year is is Discipline - Live Days, a 2CD set for $23.00 (from Cyclops). "A relatively recent release of two disc's worth of live recordings from Discipline's 90s live shows - shows I saw several times and was always blown away by - which includes live versions of all of Unfolded Like Staircase as well as a bunch of less known/seldom heard or performed works."

"'At last we are privileged to bring you this superb double live set from one of our favourite groups[,' the Cyclops release info says. ']By going through their collection of live concerts we have been able to chose the best performances which include all their classics together with unreleased rare versions and unrecorded tracks exclusive to this release. All are taken from top quality recordings and then mastered for brilliant sound quality. Close your eyes and the band are there in the room with you. Opening with the previously unreleased "Mickey Mouse Man," which was regularly played live but for some reason never recorded in the studio. Then a stunning near 20 minute "Before The Storm" concluding with the great lead guitar ending of "Blueprint." "Circuitry," another lost track, is then followed by the epic classic "Canto IV" from Progday 95 - a brilliant version with sublime guitar work and great vocal performance. Next the unreleased "Homegrown," with its long storming guitar solo finish. "When The Walls Are Down" and "Safe In Your Vision" are accompanied by a rarely played live version of "Systems."

"'Disc 2 has a great live version of "Crutches" followed by the rarely heard unreleased "Wrists," showing the group did listen to early Genesis. "Into The Dream" is the epic 20 minute tour de force with the group in top form in this rarely heard performance from 1998's Progday festival. "Diminished," another unreleased track, completes the CD along with "Carmilla," "The Nursery Year" and "Between Me And The End." Over 150 minutes of the best in progressive rock with wonderful songs, exciting instrumental sections, outstanding guitar work, sublime vocals, great keyboards and a rhythm section that is one of the best. With a very detailed booklet containing lots of unreleased photos this package is a must for all Discipline. fans. For those not familiar with this great band here is an opportunity to catch up on one of the very finest at their best live.'"

Find it here at Wayside

And there is another new Yes DVD out, The Revealing Science Of God (XXL, NTSC (all region) DVD $15.00): "This DVD features performances by Yes that were filmed in Budapest, Hungary for television 1998. The performances features hits such as 'Owner Of A Lonely Heart," "Long Distance Runaround," "Rhythm Of Love," "I've Seen All Good People," and "The Revealing Science Of God" plus many others."

Track Listing: * Firebird Suite * Siberian Khatru * Rhythm Of Love * America * Open Your Eyes * And You And I * Heart Of The Sunrise * Mood For A Day * Diary Of A Man Who Vanished * Clap * From The Balcony * Wonderous Stories * Igor Khoroshev Solo * Long Distance Runaround * Whitefish * Owner Of A Lonely Heart * The Revealing Science Of God * I've Seen All Good People * Roundabout * Starship Trooper

Find it here at Wayside

In addition, the following new titles are available:

Matthias Eick - Skala (ECM, $17.00): "Mathias Eick’s intensely melodic trumpet occupies the centre-stage in this album of self-penned tunes which will appeal to an audience beyond 'jazz.' Against the powerful backdrops offered by his sleek, modern band, driven by two drummers, he delivers richly lyrical soliloquies."

Mathias Eick: trumpet, vibraphone, guitar, bass;
Tore Brunborg: tenor saxophone;
Andreas Ulvo: piano;
Morten Qvenild: keyboards;
Audun Erlien: electric bass;
Torstein Lofthus: drums;
Gard Nilssen: drums;
Sidsel Walstad: harp

Find it here at Wayside

Jono El Grande - Phantom Stimulance (Rune Gramofone, $18.00): "This is the third full-length release by Jon Andreas Håtun aka Jono El Grande, a self-taught composer, musician, conductor and prankster who remains an outsider on the far margin of the Norwegian experimental music scene. He released his debut mini-album Utopian Dances in 1999, a collection of absurdist instrumentals recorded at home using not much more than a workstation synth. 2003 saw the release of Fevergreens, an album that drew upon classic progressive rock, film music, easy listening and a variety of pop idioms and featured a 9-piece orchestra.

"2009's Neo Dada was a masterstroke; brimming with creative ideas, odd turns, weird combinations of sounds and instruments, complex time signatures and a healthy dose of pure musical joy, all mysteriously sugared with melodic hooks that would stick to your brain like any annoying pop tune.

As far as musical form and content goes, this can be said to continue with Phantom Stimulance. It's put together to celebrate Jono's 15 years as a composer and performer and 10 years as a band leader, but it's not a mere compilation. Recorded in Athletic Studio, home to great analog recordings by Supersilent, Motorpsycho, Scorch Trio and countless others, it's a collection of new versions of stage favorites and previously-unreleased songs as well as a brand-new song. Jono lists movements like Rock In Opposition and the Canterbury Scene and artists and composers like Frank Zappa, Stravinsky, Magma, Henry Cow and Gentle Giant as inspirational sources but has established his own signature with his latest releases and stage shows. Instrumentations and arrangements have become more adventurous, he has picked up the electric guitar again and successfully added a rougher edge to the ensemble sound."

Find it here at Wayside

Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble - From The Stairwell (KDJE, $26.00): The fourth release by this continuously interesting UK band who combine very modern electronica with jazz and progressive elements to come up with something new, fresh and unusual. They say about themselves: "A creepy crawly electronic jazz combo, creating soundtracks for non-existing movies; Dark, exotic and mysterious. Fusing analog and digital flawlessly, giving them a totally unique and original sound. Film Noir futurism."

"If you like Barry Adamson, Angelo Badalamenti, Bohren Und Der Club of Gore, or any of the other albums made by TKDE or their alter ego Mount Fuji Doomjazz Ensemble, then you'll like this. It's for patient people only, or for patient moods, at least. There's a lot going on here and much of it ferments slowly, so you should not expect instant gratification. And don't expect any gratification at all if you're trying to listen to this in somewhere where you're interrupted frequently. Turn off the lights, play this, and don't expect to be lulled to sleep. It's a scary beast, but a subtle one at that." -Dan Bergevin.

Find it here at Wayside

Mark McGuire - A Young Person's Guide To Mark McGuire (Editions Mego, 2CDs, $23.00): This release is by one of the mainstays of the great Emeralds. That alone tells you (1) what to expect and (2) that this release is worth great consideration!

"A Young Person's Guide To Mark McGuire collects together some of this Emeralds member's best works, previously-released on a number of limited edition CD-Rs and tape releases over the last 4 years. Although only 24 years of age, McGuire has racked up an impressive canon which most artists twice his age would have problems delivering. With his expert use of loops and layers, as well a superb ear for killer melody hooks, makes AYPGTMM simply an essential collection. Electric and acoustic guitar, vocals, tapes, and guitar-synthesizer performed and recorded by Mark McGuire 2007-2010."

Find it here at Wayside

Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Momenti Felici (expanded) (Bureau B, $18.00): "Bureau B reissues Momenti Felici by German keyboardist Hans-Joachim Roedelius, originally released in 1987 on the Virgin label Venture. Since the early '80s, Roedelius had more or less dispensed with electronics, focusing increasingly on the grand piano. He also collaborated with various combinations of musicians to create a new kind of music, vastly different from Cluster and Harmonia aesthetics. For Roedelius, it was not only a period of reorientation in musical terms, but also geographically: Austria was now his home. 'Tu Felix Austria' (trans. 'Oh, Happy Austria'), a time-honored Austrian campaign slogan, became his very own motto in no time at all. The pleasure he derived from playing the piano and meeting musicians on the same wavelength did the rest: an enthusiastic Roedelius allowed new impressions and discoveries to flow virtually unfiltered into his music.

"Momenti Felici is one of the finest examples hereof. With characteristically exuberant inventiveness, Roedelius tickles the ivories lightheartedly, or, entering into a more pensive mood, seems to caress the keys. With saxophonist Alexander Czjzek dueting on some of the pieces, Roedelius shuffles a pack of disciplined compositions and carefree improvisations. In this respect, Momenti Felici most closely resembles Jardin Au Fou. On closer listening, however, the length of time between the two albums can be discerned. Roedelius honed both his compositional and, more than anything, his playing skills in the lengthy period in between. Naturally, Momenti Felici saw Roedelius distance himself further still from the electronic scene. The signs had been there on his preceding albums and this release simply removed any last vestige of doubt. Roedelius had, in any case, long since found a new audience, who continue to follow him avidly today.

"With the passage of time, many of his companions from earlier days have come to realize that a beautiful melody and a rich piano chord can be just as pleasing to the ear as pure tones and rhythm machines. Includes three previously-unreleased bonus tracks."

Find it here at Wayside

Colin Vallon/Patrice Moret/Samuel Rohrer - Rruga (ECM, $18.00): "'Rruga,' meaning 'path,' 'road' or 'journey' in Albanian, is the evocative title of the ECM debut by the trio of pianist Colin Vallon, bassist Patrice Moret and drummer Samuel Rohrer. After shared musical experiences on the Swiss jazz scene, they began their trio journey five years ago, and have grown into one of Europe's most promising bands, shaping a rugged and individual music, inspired by songs and singers, and by the music of the Caucasus region as well as by the jazz tradition. Challenging conventions of the modern jazz piano trio, the instrumentalists meet on equal terms as the music is created, arranged and developed collectively."

Colin Vallon: piano
Patrice Moret: double-bass
Samuel Rohrer: drums

Find it here at Wayside

Weather Report - Live In Berlin 1975 (Art Of Groove (Made In Germany imprint), CD + NTSC (all region) DVD, $27.00): "I'm a big Weather Report fan of their earlier period, although after a certain point, they lose me a little bit (but then again, most fusion going into the late 70s loses me a bit). But this is an wonderful archival release (released for the very first time) of a late period peak for the group. Recorded November 6, 1975 at the Berliner Jazztage, this presents the group somewhere between Mysterious Traveller and Tale Spinnin'. Featured are Joe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter, Alphonso Johnson, Alex Acuña and Chester Thompson. The sound is great (obviously *LOUD*, but great) and the visuals are excellent for the time period. The only complaint I could possibly think of is that it is only 42' long. But that's a very small thing to ***** about. Highly recommended."

Find it here at Wayside

Zombi - Escape Velocity (Relapse, $13.00): Totally *****in' new one from this great synthi/prog/retro/futuristic duo of Steve Moore (a million ARP, Moog, Elka, Korg, etc keyboards) and A.E. Paterra (drums and Moogs). Here are the fat sequencer sounds and runs of Heldon circa Interface combined with the stripped down approach of D.A.F. (who also stole Pinhas' fat Moog soundz) with heavy proggy keyboard leads that you could compare to Goblin's. These guys are totally fun and no one sounds like this. A monster soundtrack album in search of a movie good enough for it! And dig the amazingly spot-on, Hipgnosis/Storm Thorgerson cover homage/parody of his work circa Alan Parson's Project.

Also available as a vinyl LP for $20.00 (due to size and weight, this price for USA only; outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted). Beautiful, limited edition color vinyl pressing and you can GAWK at the great Hipgnosis-hommage cover in all its full size glory!

Find it here at Wayside

[Source: Wayside Music]

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