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Posted on Saturday, June 11 @ 21:00:00 UTC by nightowl

In Wayside Music latest newsletter, the first announce the following: "NEW ALBION blow-out sale: New Albion was a label in the 80s and 90s that was a pioneer in presenting contemporary classical music that reflected the changing times that we live in, in terms of what 'classical music' means in these modern times. We faithfully carried the label for years and years, because we loved what they did, even though they really didn't sell for us. Then about 6 years ago, for no reason that they ever conveyed to me, they stopped selling to us or responding to our email orders, and the titles we had in inventory have been gathering more dust than sales. Very small quantities remain of each title, but looking at them still sort of makes me sad! Now we've slashed the prices to 30% off in order to move them and get this semi-depressing corner of the warehouse out of here! Move these OUT, baby: www.waysidemusic.com/Music-Departments/New-Albion-BLOW-OUT-sale.aspx"

Various Artists - Prog Exhibition 7 (Immaginifica, CDs + 4 NTSC (all region) DVDs box set -- due to size and weight, this price for the USA only, $120.00; outside the USA, $128.00): Note: This is a pre-order item. Please do not order this item with other items. Please order this item only, otherwise, you will delay the rest of your order greatly while we wait for this to arrive - due in stock June 10!

This is really kind of amazing; there was a big festival [Prog Exhibition] in November 2010 in Rome with a huge number of legendary Italian progressive rock bands, some with very high profile guests, as well as some excellent current bands. This is 9 hours of the festival captured both sonically and visually and it's a totally insane lineup. Featured are:

* Premiata Forneria Marconi with guest Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)
* Banco del Mutuo Soccorso with guest John Wetton (King Crimson, UK)
* Aldo Tagliapietra/Tony Pagliuca/Tolo Marton (current and former Orme members) with guest David Cross (King Crimson)
* The Trip
* Osanna with guests David Jackson (Van der Graaf Generator) and Gianni Leone (Balletto di Bronzo)
* Nuova Raccomandata Ricevuta di Ritorno with guest Thijs van Leer (Focus)
* Maschera di Cera
* Periferia del Mondo
* Sinestesia
* Abash

This box set also features a book of photos from the shows. It's a bit over the top, but the music it is honoring and capturing for all time was often a bit over the top too, and this set is a worthy reminder of why the Italian scene still creates huge excitement all these years later; and it's even reasonably priced for how much is contained within.

"40 years after the birth of music genre, the box set is destined to become a collector's item for all lovers of progressive rock: the wonderful opportunity to live again not just a concert, but an unforgettable live music show which has already entered in the history of music." Find it here at Wayside (US)
Find it here at Wayside (Non-US)

Ginger Baker - Live In London 2009 (Floating World, CD + NTSC (all region) DVD $11.00 (special)): An informal live show with Ginger (still sounding great on his 70th birthday, Chris Goss (guitar), Abbas Dodoo (percussion), Pete King (alto sax) and Jonas Hellborg (bass).

"Where as many Voiceprint releases are only legal 'bootlegs' with medium soundquality this is an absolutely pro product. Clear multitrack sound! The concert was held to celebrate Ginger's 70 year birthday - quite a miraculous event considering his life style - and cast a stellar band with Chris Goss (Masters Of Reality) and bass virtuoso Jonas Hellborg. The repertoire is kind of a historic trip through G.B.'s illustrious career. Be-bop with Thelonious Monk and 'Bemsha Swing' with a brilliant Hellborg solo. Cream: a rather short run through of 'Sweet Wine' with some less than stellar vocals from Goss and Baker's daughter Leda, 'Iko Beiya' from Airforce. The playing is rather tight for an ad hoc band and it's a great pleasure to hear Jonas H. play some straight rock and blues." - Bodhi Heeren

Find it here at Wayside

Harrison Bankhead - Morning Sun Harvest Moon (Engine Studio, $10.00): "Harrison Bankhead is a first-call bass player for Chicago jazz heavyweights such as Roscoe Mitchell, Richard Muhal Abrams, and Fred Anderson (RIP). Now, Engine Studios is proud to put out his long-overdue debut as bandleader. Morning Sun Harvest Moon reflects Harrison's love of transcending genre and playing whatever unfolds when he gets with musicians. The theme is that there is no theme, but it all works together due to tight ensemble playing led by Bankhead, who steps out from being the sideman for some heavy cats and establishes himself as a Chicago sound to be heard." This features Ed Wilkerson - reeds, Mars Williams - reeds, James Sanders - violin, Avreeayl Ra - drums and Ernie Adams - percussion.

Find it here at Wayside

Isotope - Isotope (Esoteric, 24-bit remaster, $18.00): Isotope were one of the earlist of the 'second wave' British jazz/rock groups of the 1970. Isotope was formed by guitarist Gary Boyle in 1972. After a bit of a slow start, the band signed with a major U.K. management company who got the band signed to a large, well-funded independent label and things finally really took off. This was their first album and is the only recording by the original line-up of the group, which featured Gary Boyle, composer and keyboardist Brian Miller, bassist Jeff Clyne and drummer Nigel Morris. Although Gary was the leader, Brian basically did all the composing for this album and gave this edition of the band a sound that was quite distinctive from what came later. This has been unavailable on CD for many years and makes a fine, remastered reappearance here. Highly recommended!

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Isotope - Illusion (Esoteric, 24-bit remaster, $18.00): Not long after their 1st album was released, the band had a major split, leaving just Gary and drummer Nigel Morris and leaving them without the player who had previously contributed all the tunes for the band! Luckily, in came keyboardist Laurence Scott and - most importantly - bassist and composer Hugh Hopper, not too long after his departure from Soft Machine. Hugh added his tunes (some good ones too) and Gary also starting writing for the band for the first time and between Hugh's well-recognized fuzz-bass stylings and compositions, the sound of Illusion, their second album, is quite different from the 1st. This has been unavailable on CD for many years and makes a fine, remastered reappearance here. Highly recommended!

Find it here at Wayside

Isotope - Deep End (Esoteric, expanded/24-bit remaster, $18.00): After several years of strong support from their label and lots and lots of gigs ("Since we were gigging so much, I was probably playing with more technical facility than when I was in Soft Machine" -Hugh Hopper), the support vanished right about the time this record was being made, when the label had a monetary crisis At this point, the band was trying for a funkier sound and the line up was Gary Boyle, Zoe Kronberger & Frank Roberts - keyboards, Dan Brown - bass & Nigel Morris - drums. Hugh Hopper was no longer in the band, but one of his leftover tunes & performances ('Fonebone') was included on the album. This reissue includes the entire, original album as well as 4 remixes of tunes from the album, meant to give them a more 'contemporary' feel. This has been unavailable on CD for many years and makes a fine, remastered reappearance here.

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Steve Morse - Sects, Dregs & Rock & Roll (MVD, Blu-Ray, $21.00): Blu-Ray release of this really nice overview of the man's career. It's 2 hours and 45 minutes long and includes a full set by the Dixie Dregs ("Live Official Bootleg") with Morse - guitar, Jerry Goodman - violin (and yes, they do "The Dance Of Maya"), T. Lavitz - keyboards, Dave LaRue - bass and Rod Morgenstein - drums plus a full set by the Steve Morse band ("Live In New York 1992") with Morse - electric acoustic guitar, LaRue - bass and Lavitz - keyboards. Also included is "the most in-depth interview with Steve ever recorded."

Find it here at Wayside

Bill Nelson - Classic Rock Magazine Legends (ITV, NTSC (all region) DVD $24.00): For the first time in practically forever, Bill Nelson performs some of the tunes he first recorded with BeBop Deluxe, which is where his enthusiastic (to say the least) following came from! "Filmed and recorded late March 2011 at Metropolis Studios West London, the Bill Nelson and The Gentlemen Rocketeers concert gave us the largest band and stage size together with over a hundred guests ever to cram into Studio A. The result was exactly that of the rammed electric nights and atmosphere at The Marquee or The Flamingo at their best. Bill opened with a solo set of four tracks and then blasted into an eighty minute concert with the band including 'Do You Dream In Colour?,' 'Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape,' and 'The October Man.' The DVD contains both sets and an extensive interview with Bill Nelson."

Track listing: The October Man / Night Creatures / God Man Slain / Contemplation / Lady You're A Strange Girl / Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape / Furniture Music / Do You Dream In Colour? / Ships In The Night / Lovers Are Mortal / Maid In Heaven / Sister Seagull / Wonder Of The Moment / Panic In The World / (Solo Set) Above These Clouds The Sweetest Dream / Golden Dreams Of Circus Horses / A Dream For Ian / For Stuart

Also included is a 17 minute interview with Bill Nelson filmed the day of the concert. The DVD is filmed in HD with stereo and 5:1 sound. Concert running time 80 minutes, Solo set 25 minutes, Interview 17 minutes - Total 122 minutes"

Find it here at Wayside

Sonny Simmons Trio - Live In Paris (Arhoolie, 2 x CDs $8.00 (special)): "If this had been a professional quality recording, I wouldn't have hesitated to give it 5 stars. Sonny Simmons is one of the most under-appreciated treasures of jazz today. His sax and english horn are immediately recognizable, once you've heard him. Fans of the 60's avant-guarde / free jazz pioneers of the 60's will like him, as he was part of that movement. Simmons's music is not easily categorized, however, as he moves from hard bop to more experimental styles with ease. After several crucial recordings in the 60's (especially 'Firebirds' with Prince Lasha), he spent most of the 70's and 80's without recording contracts, before finally making a comeback in the 90's. The sound quality is the only problem. It sounds like a bootleg recording, with noise from the audience. This is a shame, because the music really is top notch. Simmons and his trio perform songs from his 60's and more recent recordings, as well as some standards (''Round Midnight' is real nice!) Fans of Sonny Simmons will want this one, despite the drawbacks."-Andreas Carl Georgi

Find it here at Wayside

Triptet - Imaginary Perspective (Engine, $10.00): "There is jazz music outside of New York and Chicago, and it can be sophisticated and engaging. Such is the case with Imaginary Perspective by Triptet, hailing from the moist and wooded epicenter of grunge: Seattle. By discarding traditional ideas like songs and solos, Triptet takes the elevator down to the basement for a fundamental statement about sound, energy, motion, and the lack thereof."

“The acoustical rendition of a Jackson Pollack painting.” — Mark Petersen, Twenty-First Century Music

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Ut Gret - Radical Symmetry (UOP, $9.00 (special)): "Ut Gret releases a new CD titled Radical Symmetry. It is the culmination ofthe work of a line-up that has played together for a decade. Radical Symmetry was recorded by engineer Phil Stirgwolt in three days of sessions at TNT studios and, despite the obvious complexities of the compositions, the majority of the music is first takes. This is the advantage of having a well rehearsed, long running line up who know the material inside and out. The music on Radical Symmetry is equal parts jazz, rock and classical music filtered through myriad world music influences. Progressive music fans can hear the traces of Canterbury bands (Soft Machine and Gong) classic progressive rock (Happy the Man and King Crimson), Zeuhl (Present/Univers Zero) and 'Rock in Opposition' bands like Henry Cow. Jazz influences from Sun Ra, Miles, Monk and Mingus can be heard in both the great horn arrangements and solos. Tricky rhythms, complex harmonic structures and Zappa-like melodies abound.

Though challenging, this work is also fun and playful, with klezmer, Arabic, East European and Indian music interwoven throughout. Most pieces feature the juxtaposition of contrasting musical bedfellows like an Arabic dumbec within the Indian music of 'For Viswa,' a klezmer part followed by an Arabic section in the otherwise King Crimson-like 'Rule 110' or the sudden appearance of a latin section in the otherwise somber 'Infinite Regress.'

This is music composed with the strengths of the individual players in mind. The line up consists of Joee Conroy who, with David Stilley and James Potter, founded the group in Santa Cruz, CA in 1981. He plays multiple string instruments including fretless bass, electric & acoustic guitars, electric sitar and bouzouki. Gary Pahler is on drums and a vast number of percussion instruments. The 'woodwind section' features Steve Good on Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax and bassoon along with Gregory Acker on all manner of flutes plus didgeridoo and soprano saxophone. Completing this long-lived line-up is Stephen Roberts on acoustic & electric pianos, mellotron and trumpet. Vocalist Dane Waters joins the band on three cuts singing jazz on 'Souvenir City,' opera on 'Sword Of Damocles' and avant garde on the epic 'Infinite Regress.' Cellist James Vaughn adds classical voicings and beautiful solos and Denny Whalen contributes timeless electronic sounds to many of the cuts."

Find it here at Wayside

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