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Festival News: Farfest Plans Continue, Proposed For Fall 2012

Posted on Tuesday, July 26 @ 23:52:04 PDT by nightowl

While most specifics are still in the planning stage - venue being the major item needing resolution - we could see one more festival added to the list of progressive music festivals in the US, Farfest*. Initially, organizer Greg Walker (of Syn-phonic) was hoping to hold this festival this year, but due to the "finding a suitable venue" search, has been pushed to 2012.

Below is the current "proposed" line up as gleaned from ProgressiveEars. As with all things that are still in planning stage, understand that the line up is "in principle" even if Greg has committments from the bands. The date being considered is in October 2012, but a lot can happen in the time between now and then. Once there are firm dates, locations, etc. that uncertainly lessens.

So, I know, enough of my editorializing. The planned line up thus far (with links to a or one of our reviews):

Arti E Mestieri
Locanda Delle Fate

Italian and French bands from the 70s, with some modern-day 70s inspired bands in the mix. We won't do our "fest focus" page until there are firmer plans, but I will tell you that we have reviewed CDs by nearly every one of these bands. In the cases of several, only the most recent title reviewed is linked to (though it may not be their most recent title, as is the case with Wobbler, who just released Rites At Dawn).

* Oddly enough, I mused the idea of having a fest out here in California, sometimes jokingly called FarFest, only because Cali would be "far" from the "center" the US prog community (east coast), whereas NEARfest was "near" (although far for me, Cali being near). So, I'm tickled that Greg has chosen that name, since, on the assumption it is in the Eastern US... it would "far" from my perspective. But note, it never got past the... "hmm, if I organized a festival, what would I call it?" stage (with the other question being and could I even finance it? [No, for the record]) -verbose ed.

[Source: ProgressiveEars postings]

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