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CD/DVD Releases: Arena - New Album, European Tour

Posted on Friday, October 07 @ 12:00:00 UTC by nightowl

The Seventh Degree Of Separation - Arena's sensational new concept album about the journey from the last hour of life into the first hour of death to be released 28th November 2011. The album will be available earlier during Arena's European tour.

Check Arena's official site where you will find something to watch and litsten to: www.arenaband.com

Join Arena on their first tour in six years:

Arena Tour November 2011

4th Belgium-Verviers-Spirit of 66 (www.spiritof66.com)
5th Holland-Uden-De Pul (www.depul-uden.nl)
6th Germany-Reichenbach-Bergkeller (www.bergkeller-reichenbach.de)
7th Poland-Wroclaw-Firlej (www.firlej.wroc.pl)
8th Poland-Warsaw-Progresja (www.progresja.com)
9th Poland-Poznan-Blue Note (www.bluenote.poznan.pl)
10th Poland-Katowice-Teatr Slaski (www.teatrslaski.art.pl)
11th Germany-Aschaffenburg-Colos-Saal (www.colos-saal.de)
12th Switzerland-Pratteln-Z7 (www.z-7.ch)
13th Italy-Verona-Club Il Giardino (www.clubilgiardino.org)
14th Germany-Stuttgart-LKA-Longhorn (www.lka-longhorn.de)
15th France-Paris-La Scene (www.la-scene.com)
16th France-Strasbourg-La Laiterie Club (www.laiterie.artefact.org)
17th Germany-Lorsch-Musiktheater-Rex (www.musiktheater-rex.de)
18th Germany-Essen-Zeche Carl (www.zechecarl.de)
19th Holland-Zoetermeer-Boerderij (www.cultuurpodiumboerderij.nl)
27th England-Leamington Spa-The Assembly (www.leamingtonassembly.com)

[Source: Clive Nolan/Arena]

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