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Posted on Sunday, October 16 @ 20:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Atlanta progressive metallers Mastodon will perform on BBC's television show Later... With Jools Holland on Tuesday, October 18 at 10 p.m. and then again on Friday, October 21 at 11 p.m. [Source: Blabbermouth.net]


Details coming soon, but a new release from Jon Anderson is pending as a digital download on October 25; it's called Open. [Source: Glass Onyon PR]


Progressive metal act Tesseract has released a behind-the-scenes look from their upcoming video, "Eden." Originally featured on their debut album One, this rendition of "Eden" is a re-recording with newly announced vocalist Elliot Coleman. In association with Escape Plan Productions, the video for "Eden" will feature the artistic vision of director Ganesh Rao (Empyrean) and director of photography Jonny Greenwald. Fans should keep their eyes peeled, the video for "Eden" will be out soon! [Source: Century Media]


A release date for Soul Secret's upcoming album Closer To Daylight has been set: November 21, 2011. The album will be published through Galileo Records and will see the guest appearences of Marco Sfogli (James Labrie) and Arno Menses (Sieges Even, Subsignal) [Source: Davide Guidone/Soul Secret Mgr/Booking Agent]


Cornerstone presents new video "Stay" from the album Somewhere In America, last week exclusive played by the Austrian music channel GOTV, the clip is now on various online platforms available. Produced by The Cockpit (Director: Christian Enzlmüller). [Source: Rock N Growl]


T.I.R. - Heavy Metal. Debut album from this veteran band from Rome is finally ready and will be out in November 2011 on CD & LP formats under Jolly Roger Records; most of the tracks included has been composed in 1980, when Heavy Metal sound was pure and genuine, but at the same time passionate, melodic, powerful, vibrant and incredibly emotional. A magic only who lived that years can understand and deposit in music, and T.I.R. proudly belongs to this "elite".

What you will find here is "only" Heavy Metal, son of NWOBHM sound and early Iron Maiden, Saxon, Judas Priest, a real tribute to this genre, that gives the name of the album. The album features vocalist Giuseppe "Ciape" Cialone and drummer Piero Arioni from Rosae Crucis. Following this link you can see the trailer and listen to some previews.

This is the tracklist: "Satan's Ride, "Dark Rebel," "Heavy Metal Tir," "Vai," "Il Volo Delle Aquile," "Fire Sword," "Nell' Anima," "Shout," "Metal In My Life," "Hidra," and "Roma" [Source: Jolly Roger Records]


Dutch female-fronted symphonic metallers Within Temptation will take part in a signing session at Media Markt Bäckebol in Gothenburg, Sweden on October 26 at 3.30 p.m. (15.30).

Within Temptation guitarist Robert Westerholt recently announced that he will step down from touring duties in order to focus on taking care of the three children he has with the band's lead singer, Sharon den Adel. His replacement on stage is Stefan Helleblad, who has been working with the band behind the scenes for a few years. [Source: Blabbermouth.net]


The Safety Fire releases second video tour-diary featuring footage from their recently completed UK trek with Rise TO Remain (to watch the first episode, click here). Please head over to Inside Out Music's official YouTube to watch the second installment of the band's tour diary: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QjU_dpMJjk [Source: InsideOut/Century Media]


Lunocode, at work on their previously announced full length debut album, made available a teaser for the song "Kevin's Telescope," originally by The Gathering. The track was recorded and mixed in rough at the band's own studios, and features some ints that will be present on the album Celestial Harmonies, like the flute parts by Dora Chiodini of Ashes & Reflections, the percussions and some ethnical instruments or acoustic guitars. This cover was made basically to have you to listen to Daphne's voice, as she joined the band after the release of the EP Last Day Of The Earth. We're also glad to announce that the album will feature also spoken dialogues by the actor Zach Johnson (Info on Zach @ IMDB). [Source: Spider Rock Promotion]


With the announcement in 2010 of lead vocalist Andreas Novak joining Swedish melodic rock stalwarts House of Shakira, the band have wasted little time putting together material for what marks their sixth album, the simply titled HoS.

Now nearing the final stages of production, HoS represents the end of one cycle and the start of a new dawn in the bands history, and also marks the debut for other new members Basse Blyberg on bass/backing vocals and Martin Larsson on drums.

House of Shakira - HoS is set for an anticipated release date of 27th January 2012 on Lion Music with full album details to follow soon. MySpace, YouTube. [Source: Lion Music]


German metallers Iron Savior, who feature in their ranks guitarist/vocalist/producer Piet Sielck (Uriah Heep, Blind Guardian, Saxon), will release their new album, The Landing, on November 18 via AFM Records.

The track listing for the CD is as follows: 01. Descending / 02. The Savior / 03. Starlight / 04. March Of Doom / 05. Heavy Metal Never Dies / 06. Moment In Time / 07. Hall Of The Heroes / 08. R. U. Ready / 09. Faster Than All / 10. Before The Pain / 11. No Guts No Glory.

The song "Heavy Metal Never Dies" can be streamed here. [Source: Blabbermouth.net]

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