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Concerts: New Rock From Brazil On US Tour

Posted on Saturday, October 22 @ 18:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Ossos Do Banquette and Sub Rosa

Six East Coast cities will be rocked by two bands that represent the best of the new generation of Brazilian rock 'n' roll: Ossos Do Banquete (Banquet Bones) and Sub Rosa come from the state of Minas Gerais, the country's second largest economy and birthplace of major powerhouses of Brazilian rock, such as Sepultura, Skank and Jota Quest.

Well known for Afro-Brazilian and tropical rhythms, and mostly for the sultry Bossa Nova, Brazil also produces many incredible rock bands with little international recognition, with the exception of the world famous Sepultura.

This is a unique opportunity to experience two rising stars in the Brazilian rock scene. They will appear in New York (Oct. 24th, at S.O.B’s), Pittsburgh (Oct. 26th at Frickle Arts Auditorium), and Boston (Oct. 28th, at Braza Hall). [Dates that had passed prior to receiving the release were Ft Lauderdale (Oct. 18th, at Pirata’s), Miami (Oct. 20th, at Churchill’s Pub), and Atlanta (Oct. 21st at Eclipse di Luna) -ed.]

Ossos do Banquete (Banquet Bones) members are Daniel Cangussu (Guitars), Reinaldo Ratto (Vocals / Guitars), Reinaldo José (Bass / Vocals) and Cassiano Ricardo (Drums / Vocals). The “bones” music is strongly influenced by rock legends such as Raul Seixas and Camisa de Vênus and at the same time by the vibrant punk rock scene of Vila Mariana - a neighborhood of Sao Paulo, the 26 million strong metropolis of Brazil. In 2010 they released their first album with three immediate hits: "he Revolution Of Bread Factory," "Metropolis" and "The Powers Of Foucault."

Sub Rosa, which means secrecy or in private, is formed by Barbara Laranjeira (Drums / Vocals), Raphael Rocha (Keyboards / Vocals), Jayme Abreu (Guitar / Vocals), Reinaldo José (Bass / Vocals) and Márcia Cristina (Vocals / Guitar). Their greater influences are The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Genesis and Marillion, but have developed their own progressive identity. In the age of downloads and the fall of CD sales, Sub Rosa has sold thousands of records of The Gigsaw, their debut album. They are distributed in the U.S. by Syn-Phonic Records of Utah.

In 2010 they won the Independent Music Festival at WULP “Psychedelic Tear” web radio with the song “Equinox” competing with more than 100 bands. In 2011 they wrote the song “Canto 26” for the rock-opera Victoria from Barata Cichetto and Amyr Cantúsio Jr.

Tour website

ODB @ YouTube | ODB @ YouTube | Sub Rosa video @ MySpace | Sub Rosa @ YouTube

[Source: Cesar Lanzarini, Rock Progressivo Brasil

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